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Everyone wants to know why. why

Why do I keep doing that? Why don’t I get it yet? Why do I feel this way?

Why is a natural question. We’re curious…so we wonder why. Even more than that, we believe we need to know why so that we can solve our problems.

Our problems look formidable and solid, like something that needs fixing. If we know why we keep doing the same things over and over, we can figure out how to stop doing those things.

Or so we reason.

But it doesn’t really work that way.  Even when we think we know why, we’re usually wrong.

The whys we typically look to are in our past, personality, or circumstances, but those whys miss the mark. They may point to another piece in the psychological puzzle, but what was on your mind isn’t as nearly as helpful as seeing that something was on your mind.

The true answer to why you keep doing the same things over and over is that you do what you do because it’s what occurs to you in the moment.

You do the best you can with what you see.

It’s not about your addictive personality, that you self-sabotage, or that some buried part of you doesn’t actually want to change. It’s rarely about a lack of information or a lack of resources either.

Your choices are your best attempt to take care of yourself, feel better, and return to home base.

Sometimes they achieve that and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they achieve the opposite. When you cheat on your spouse because in that moment it feels like the thing that will bring you love, affection, and passion, you might end up with less love, affection, and passion in the end. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t your best attempt in the moment. It was what seemed like the thing to do, so you did it.

You do what you do because it’s what occurs to you from the state of mind you’re in. There is no deeper or more helpful why than that.

Because think about it, even if you were to find a why you were satisfied with…maybe you realize that you keep cheating because you have a deeply ingrained feeling of inadequacy, or you keep drinking because it numbs the pain of your childhood…

…then what?

Then, you’re left with a lot of work to do to get to the bottom of those issues. I’m not suggesting that understanding yourself in that way can’t be helpful. But it’s probably not the answer that’s going to help you find your way out of your unwanted behavior.

Those are superficial answers that leave you with a lot of digging to do, hoping that digging will be fruitful.

When you see that we all do what occurs to us in the moment, there is massive hope. In any moment, something new might occur to you, and you might do something different instead.

Knowing that you do what occurs to you in the moment leaves you with a lot of choice. No longer are you bound by your deep-seated issues, you’re only “bound” by fleeting, passing-by thought.

You start to get a feel for how to best operate within this system. If your actions are always a reflection of how things look in that moment, and things aren’t looking so good, you don’t have to act just then.

Those urges to cheat that seem like a fix at the time, may not be. So you wait. You don’t act on them. You learn to wait to see how you feel later.

The pull toward your old habit, or getting lost in your familiar, bad feelings, isn’t something you need to figure out or take too seriously. Something new is coming down the pike.

When there is no deeper why than how you currently feel, you are free to wait it out a bit. You may soon have the insight or strength to make a different choice. You might later feel better.

Searching for why gets you deeper into thought about your problem and further from seeing it in a brand new way.  Rather than asking why, know that you’re simply seeing the internal movie that’s playing in that moment—if you don’t like that movie, there will be a different one playing next.

Waiting to See what you Might Do

by Amy on January 22, 2015

There is an idea I’ve been playing with lately—especially in the midst of visionaries, New Years’ resolution-ers, and game-planners. It’s the idea of waiting to see what you might do. anticipation

Waiting to see what you might do is in contrast to deciding what to do. It’s the opposite of mentally making a choice, or coming down on one side or another.

It is watching life move you forward, excitedly waiting to see what you end up doing.

Eagerly anticipating which way inspiration will fling you.

Waiting to see what you might do involves something like being in the unknown, curiously wondering what you might bump into. You have free will. You will do something; make some choice or choices along the way.

It’s not inactive—it’s more like waiting to let those choices be revealed to you, in a way.

It’s not charting a course; it’s jumping in your boat, excited to let the wind guide you but knowing that you’re still going to have some steering to do.

It has nothing to do with being complacent or wishy-washy. It’s no better than mentally choosing and it’s no worse than mentally choosing. It’s different.

It is about putting your faith in something bigger than your little mind, knowing that the combination of your little mind and Universal Mind is a magical combination. You are guided by life force and you have amazing creativity and smarts, and they come together in thrilling ways.

Waiting to see what you might do is about discovering more so than confirming or actively crafting.

Martha Beck once talked about it as feeling for “what wants to happen”. Don’t you love that?

Others talk about it as being in the unknown, or being in a place that feels “pregnant with possibility”, where you’re not inspired to control or shape things because you have the sense that they will be shaped perfectly without your input.

Sounds kind of exhilarating, doesn’t it? I’m learning to love it here.

Hang out for a bit, with me. I think you’ll learn to love it too.

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