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Dealing with people. The Enlightened way.

by Dr. Amy Johnson on May 5, 2011

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Let’s say, for example, you’ve started dabbling in Enlightenment. You’ve embraced your power and dropped the victim stuff. You realize you’re responsible for your own happiness and while others make your life better, you don’t need them to have a better life.

A common issue often comes up at this point.

How do you handle it when someone does something that really bothers you? I mean, you’re more Enlightened than you used to be but you’re still human. Things are still going to bother you from time to time.

Sometimes you can simply walk away. That’s a pretty Enlightened response, when you can do it. Turn the other cheek.

But that doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes if you bite your tongue you feel inauthentic. It feels like being a kid again or being told your opinions don’t matter.

So if you decide that the best course of action is to say something, keep this in mind to help you do it in an Enlightened way: Have no agenda.

You’re speaking your mind for the sake of being honest and authentic. There is no other agenda.

You’re not trying to change them. You’re not even trying to influence them. You’re just say how you feel in the most kind and loving and non-threatening way possible.

Then, you step back and totally let them have their reaction. How they react, what they think, what they do as a result…none of your business.

No agenda. Their opinions are just as valid as yours, so there’s nothing to change about them, anyway.

No agenda because you’re too Enlightened to waste your energy arguing with reality. You got to express your reality; let them keep theirs.

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