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A Paradigm Shift over 100 Years in the Making (and you have a front row seat)

by Dr. Amy Johnson on March 30, 2017

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We are standing at the cusp of a new understanding of the human experience. edge

The field of psychology has always lacked a paradigm of unifying principles.

“Hard” sciences like physics and chemistry have laws. There are basic principles—like the laws of motion in physics—that underlie and unify every discovery within those fields.

Everything in physics and chemistry makes sense with an understanding of the basic principles.

Psychology has never known such universal laws. It is a mixed bag with mediocre, mixed bag results. There are thousands of theories in psychology. Thousands of perspectives and guiding “principles” (all of which are opinion or “finding”, at best; not principle).

With no real paradigm, it’s no wonder that psychology has a little-sister, “soft” status in the sciences. It’s not surprising that there are hundreds of fields of study, many of which contradict others.

Traditional psychology does not have great results when it comes to deeply and sustainably freeing people from mental and emotional suffering. We have to accurately understand something in order to change it, and thus far we haven’t understood the human experience nearly as well as we could.

In the late 1800s, William James (known as the father of American Psychology) lamented the lack of universal laws or principles in psychology.  He said:

“[psychology had] not a single law in the sense in which physics shows us laws, not a single proposition from which any consequence can causally be deducted. We don’t even know the terms between which the elementary laws would obtain if we had them…the Galileo and the Lavoisier of psychology will be famous men indeed when they come, as come they someday surely will.”  (1892)

William James notoriously said that when these laws of psychology came, they would be more important to humanity than any technological discovery since fire.

Kinda big, huh?

You might be thinking, “Wow, that would be incredible. I wonder if that will happen in my lifetime?”

I believe it already has.

We have a set of principles and they are beginning to change the way we understand human, mental life in ginormous ways.  

Some of us (including you, by virtue of reading these articles each week) have begun to glimpse the long-awaited, much anticipated, world-shifting paradigm.

And…it may not look the way you expect it to look.

The principles of psychology are logical and incredibly practical. But the way they often touch us is in not through a logical, rational understanding but in the feeling they emit.

So many of you have said that you feel something from the things I share. You say that you feel a little lighter or more hopeful after reading. That you’re not sure why, but reading these articles and watching my short videos leaves you with a nice, peaceful feeling.

You may not be able to explain or articulate what’s different and that’s perfectly okay. You feel it, and that’s what matters.

In that feeling, you are experiencing complete mental health.

You see yourself and your problems differently. You are softer and kinder and less likely to reach for things outside of yourself.

That feeling is us tapping into the mental and emotional freedom that is within us all. That’s the mental and emotional freedom that psychology offers with an understanding of the source and origin of our human experience.

That feeling is proof that you’re onto something.

These principles that underlie psychology show us that 100% of our human experience is thought brought to life within us. It only works one way. Universal energy takes the form of thought within us, bringing experience to life. That process is always happening; there are no exceptions.

Human experience does not come directly from genetics, our past, stressors or circumstances in the world around us, the fact that we are a negative person, or any of the hundreds of thousands of other explanations we’ve been given from the pre-paradigmatic field of psychology.

Human experience is energy brought to life within us. That energy is constantly changing forms, which explains our constantly evolving experience.

Imagine waves on the ocean—experience takes shape from energy within us in the form of thoughts and feelings similar to how waves take form from the ocean in a variety or big or little ways.

Just as waves crash on the shore and turn back into ocean, our experience (thoughts and feelings) take shape and turn back into energy.

Every ounce of stress and distress, suffering, habit and addiction, and what some refer to as ‘mental illness’ comes down to a misidentification with the form. Realizing the space beyond the form—beyond our thoughts and feelings—is the solution.

It’s here. Three very simple principles appear to underlie our human experience, providing that framework that can finally allow us to end–or at least massively reduce–unnecessary suffering. William James would be thrilled to see this day.

A paradigm shift is well underway.


Please join me in The Little School of Big Change to experience the freedom this paradigm has brought to many, many people. Lasting change is the norm when we truly understand our human experience.

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