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Thoughts Change. You Don’t.

by Dr. Amy Johnson on April 27, 2017

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It’s noon and so far today two people have said that they feel much calmer after our brief chat and one person asked if I was “some kind of miracle worker”. always moving

I’m definitely not a miracle worker. The conversations I have with people often lead to what feel like miracles—brand new ways of viewing old problems that take no effort or willpower—but that has nothing to do with me.

All I do is point people toward the part of life that’s not in flux. I point them in the direction of stability.   

One-hundred percent of the confusion, anxiety, stress, and discomfort we experience comes from being caught up in the part of life that is always in flux. It’s easy to see how looking toward something that is constantly swirling would create confusion, and how looking toward what isn’t swirling feels grounding and peaceful.

What’s always in flux is the noise. That noise is our own thinking. We’re caught up in it because it’s there, visible (to us), creating feeling, compelling us to look.

When we’re caught up in noise, life feels heavy and exhausting. It sounds noisy and confusing.

When we are pointed back toward the quiet, stable place that is there beneath the noise we say, “Oh yeah, I forgot this feeling was there.”

It’s always there. It is you. It is Truth in the sense that it’s the one thing in life that does not constantly change.

What you can confidently look toward for grounding and peace of mind is the fact that there is something peaceful and wise beyond the constant noise. The noise doesn’t necessarily stop, but you stop listening so closely. You stop taking it so seriously.

And when people stop listening so closely to the noise, life gets quiet. They see things clearly. They feel remarkably peaceful and call it a miracle.

I don’t know if it’s a miracle, but does seem to be the consequence of seeing Truth.


(The title for this article was inspired by a Facebook post by David Westerman that said “Thinking changes…you don’t”. Aside from posting really short, profound things on Facebook, David hosts a podcast called High Performance from the Inside-Out that I highly recommend.)

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