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Thank You

by Dr. Amy Johnson on November 23, 2017

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Thank You is not manmade. It moves through, not from; realized, not created. 

Thank You hides in plain sight, patiently waiting to be felt.

We seek and we miss it. We stop seeking and it finds us.

Thank You finds me in unlikely moments and I know that is on purpose. Sitting at a stoplight. In the middle of a mind-numbing movie my intellect is no longer following. On my mat in peace, but also flat on my face in despair.

Thank You shows me our nature. It comes unexpectedly, teaching me that it is independent of events and expectations.

Thank You in a moment of Not This breaks the illusion.

Thank You wakes me up to truth. It feels essential, unchanging, basic in the best possible way.

Organic Thank You is nourishing. Manufactured Thank You is overly processed and leaves me empty.

The words slip through my lips. They fill a quiet room, people stare. Thank You is not mine to control.

It is like the Tao, ‘of itself so’.

Thank You.



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