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Change your Relationship without Fixing a Thing: The No-Prescription, Rule-Free Way to have Better Relationships

Does your partner push your buttons? 636013007493065723285507584_friendship-day-bands-1

Is your Mother-in-law-exasperating?

Would you like to be able to influence your surly teenager?

Do you just want to get along better with your co-workers?

Please join Wendi Saggese and Amy Johnson to discover the freedom that is possible in relationships when you understand the source of human behavior.

Through personal and professional before-and-after stories, Wendi and Amy share the understanding that has been a true game-changer for them and their clients in the area of relationships.

The Format

The course consists of two 75-minute video classes where Wendi and Amy share why there is hope for peace in even the toughest relationships. There is also discussion and questions from participants who were live as the courses were being taught.

When you purchase the course, you will receive video and audio-only versions of both classes so that you can take in this information in the way that’s best for you. Both versions of the class are downloadable.





The Investment 

The two-part class, including video and audio versions of both calls, is only $37 USD


I always aim to make group classes like this one as affordable as possible to make sure that this life-changing information is available to everyone.

Please join us to learn more!