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Binge Eating

I work with people with binge eating issues using a revolutionary new approach that sits at the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality.

I was caught up in a binge eating habit for 8 years. A series of simple insights—understanding myself, my brain, and my habit in a new way—allowed me to find complete freedom from the habit.

It wasn’t hard and it didn’t take a long time. I didn’t have to rely on hard work, discipline, or willpower. I didn’t put a bunch of behavioral strategies or practices into place.

I saw things more clearly and when I did, the habit no longer made sense.

When you can feel the pull of your brain to binge eat but know that that feeling is not you and that it will come and go safely, you can relax into it. You soften around it and it passes, as all human experience does.

This is how the simple and profound understanding that I teach does all the work. Softening, relaxing, touching that place of peace beyond your fleeting experience, doing less instead of more…that’s how you rise above your habit without fighting or willpower.

Binge eating is not fundamentally different than any other habit. It’s about coming to understand—and therefore not fear—your experience.

As you learn to listen to your own clarity and wisdom more, and your own habitual thoughts less, your relationship with food changes as well. Binge eating is not ultimately about food, but over-thinking food, body, and weight issues can absolutely keep the habit active.

Therefore, our conversations are aimed at understanding your experience and through that, coming to eat in a balanced, healthy way led by the wisdom of your body rather than by your thoughts and opinions about how you should eat.

I have helped many binge eaters leave their habit behind for good. You do not have to suffer any longer—there is so much hope for you.

If you’d like to hear more about my personal story or the understanding I teach, please check out my latest book, The Little Book of Big Change.

The exact way that freedom from binge eating comes to be is a little different for everyone. I don’t know what your path will look like or how long it will take, but I do know that it is absolutely possible. You do not need to live with or learn to cope with this habit.

Freedom is closer than you think.


To see if this approach feels right to you, you can also:

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