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Fighting the Urge 2.0

Break HabitsFighting the Urge 2.0 describes an unbelievably simple, incredibly effective set of insights that have helped countless people end unwanted habits and addictions for good.

In FTU 2.0, spiritual principles meet modern brain science. You come to see the urges you have—the ones that lead you to engage in your habit—as impersonal, programmed, “neurological junk”. Those habit-reinforcing urges are thought; they are temporary, and fade on their own when not acted upon.

In 3 recorded classes, you will come to view the urges that underlie your habit as impersonal, fleeting thought.


Why 2.0?

I originally taught this class in 2013, after reading Kathryn Hansen’s memoir Brain over Binge and Jeffrey Schwartz’s book You are Not Your Brain.

The brain science described in their books, and the spiritual understanding of thought and our innate resilience, formed a perfect storm that helped me effortlessly walk away from some of my own habits, including a binge eating habit I had for many years.

The original FTU classes have been downloaded several hundred times and many people have reached out to share the incredible results in their lives.  Given the experience and successes I’ve had with these ideas over the past couple of years, it felt like time for an updated version of the course. That’s the 2.0 version here.


What you get with this program

You will receive mp3 recordings of those three classes.  Here’s a summary of each class:

Class #1:

  • How bad habits are a sign of your mental health and well-being
  • Hijacked by your habit: the lower and higher brain
  • It’s not you and it’s not personal
  • Urges: the backbone of your habit
  • Q&A

Class #2:

  • Urges as thought; thought as neurological junk
  • Fleeting and temporary
  • Willpower, white knuckling, and other techniques vs. Insight
  • Q&A

Class #3:

  • The truth about setbacks
  • How recovery often looks
  • How your life—not only your habit—changes
  • Q&A


Because these are recordings of classes, you also get the benefit of questions and conversation with participants.

This information has truly changed my life and has helped many, many people leave habits, compulsions, and addictions in the past forever.

AJ ftu 2The Fighting the Urge 2.0 recorded course is $37

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