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Life Coach Training Home Study Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach?dramyjohnson

Or gaining a deeper understanding of how humans operate to improve your current work as an educator, leader, entrepreneur, or employee?

Or learning the psycho-spiritual principles that explain life so that you can make your own life a little better? (C’mon, I know you have…)

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a coach, or you just want a deep understanding of what it means to be human, please join me for the Life Coach Training Home Study Course!

Who It Is For

  • The Life Coach Training Home Study Course is for people with no prior coach training experience, who are looking to build a solid foundation from which to begin working with others.
  • It’s also for people with previous coach training experience who want a refresher, or people with previous coaching training who want exposure to a new and different (an unbelievably effective!) coaching philosophy.
  • It is ideal for professionals in leadership roles in virtually any industry, parents, or teachers who want to help the people they serve in deeper, more profound ways.
  • The Life Coach Training Home Study Course is excellent for anyone who wants to deepen their own spiritual understanding so that they can understand themselves and others better.

What it is Not

The Life Coach Training Home Study Course is primarily focused on the understanding (grounding) that helps people live a richer experience of life and facilitates change. It is focused on how to help people see things differently. It is not focused on the business aspects of life coaching. Although Video lesson 9 is about the business side of things, the focus is more on understanding how people operate than on marketing or business building.

In A Nutshell

The course consists of 9 video lessons designed to deepen your understanding of how humans operate. When you see more about our true nature as humans, what is possible for all of us, how our minds work, and how we all get in our own way at times, it becomes clear how to lead people out of their stuckness toward deep and lasting change.

There is also an almost 400 page e-book containing real conversations between myself a group of 45 people who went through the videos and materials in a guided version of the Life Coach Training Course in early 2016.  You’ll get to see the questions, concerns, and experiences of those 45 people as they came upon the insights in the course, and you’ll get my detailed responses to what they were facing.

So, let’s look at exactly what you get…

What You Get:

  • 9 video lessons (topics listed below), averaging 40 minutes each. These 9 lessons are designed to help you understand human life and how our mind works at a deep level, and they provide the basic foundation that will enable you to support anyone.
  • Outlines and suggested reading to accompany each video lesson and lifetime access to all video and audio materials.
  • An almost 400 page e-book full of real conversations and questions and answers from people just like you who were guided through these videos.
  • A certification badge (electronic—shared at the end of the course) that you can place on your website or promotional materials stating that you’d completed the training.
  • “Unofficial” lifetime support. I absolutely love this career and am very passionate about seeing people make it their own. Most of my former life coach trainees check in from time to time with questions, etc. and I welcome that. You can consider me a mentor and a place to turn when you have questions or challenges down the road.

What You’ll Learn

Below is a basic outline of the 9 lessons:

Lesson 1: Grounding Part I—Innate Health

  • What is the True Nature of all Humans? (hint: you were born happy)
  • Resilience & Bouncing Back
  • The Principle of Mind—Riding the Intelligence and Wisdom Behind All of Life

Lesson 2: Grounding Part II—Moment-to-moment Experience of Life

  • The Nature of Thought and How it Naturally Behaves
  • Thought Masks Well-Being
  • The Inside-Out Nature of Life

Lesson 3: The Coaching Relationship—How to Listen, and Starting with any Client

  • Symptom vs. Insight Coaching; Vertical vs. Horizontal Coaching
  • Being TAO
  • Showing Up and How to Truly Listen—Soft Ears, ‘Say More’, and ‘Tell me Where I’m Wrong’

Lesson 4: All about Thought

  • THAT we Think, not WHAT we Think
  • The Past Reconstructed and Coaching Issues from the Past
  • The Brain and Thought
  • Higher Quality and Lower Quality Thought

Lesson 5: All about Emotion

  • What Emotion is and how it naturally operates
  • The Truth about “Processing” Emotion and being “Stuck”
  • Bad Days—Resilience Revisited
  • Moods and States of Mind

Lesson 6: All about Behavior

  • Who’s really in Charge?
  • Wisdom, Following Hunches, Hard vs. Effortless Action
  • Goal Setting in an Inside-Out World
  • Another View of Procrastination

Lesson 7: Coaching around Relationships

  • Deep Connection
  • Separate Realities
  • Mean People, Regret, & Resentment
  • Defensiveness vs. Understanding

Lesson 8: Habits and Addiction

  • Why we have Habits and Addiction
  • The Role of the Lower and Higher Brain, and the Energy that Powers Both
  • Top-down Change vs. Bottom-up Change

Lesson 9: The Business of Coaching

  • How and When to Start
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Building the Business

Recommended Supplemental Materials (materials not included):

I recommend that you read or listen to these materials; preferably before you being the training, but concurrent with the training or shortly afterward is fine too.

Why Me

After earning my Ph.D. in psychology, I received my Life Coach certification (2007) and my Master Life Coach certification (2010) from Dr. Martha Beck.

Since then, I’ve taken dozens of live and home study training courses from coaches like Michael Neill, Byron Katie, and Pransky & Associates, in order to stay ahead of the curve in terms of what is new and most impactful. I’ve immersed myself in this field with an eye on how to best help others for over 16 years.

I have built a successful coaching practice since 2007 (while also having two babies and writing three books—so I know how to grow a lucrative business and still have a life!)

In this training, I boil down the best of what I know about spirituality, psychology, brain science and addiction treatment, and share it with you.

A Note about Certification

For better or worse, there are no regulations at the moment around calling yourself a coach. There is no current credential requirement.  I offer graduates of this program a “certification” badge indicating that you have completed this training. I do not participate in International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing because my coaching approach (focused on understanding our experience at a psycho-spiritual level) is very different than theirs (focused on behavior change, goal setting, etc.). I’m happy to talk more about this if you have questions.                      

The Investment

The Life Coach Training Home Study Course, including lifetime access to all 9 videos, outlines and recommended resources, and the extensive e-book is just $399.
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If you have questions about the program and whether it’s right for you, please reach out!