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You are innately well - you always have been and always will be. If you're not experiencing wellness, you are innocently lost in a thick fog of thought. I can help you cut through the fog to reconnect with the peace of mind, clarity and confidence that are already within you.

I help women suffering from bulimia and binge eating disorder, using an amazingly effective, easy, brilliant new brain-based approach. You don't have to suffer any longer.

That Thing your Mom Always Said about You? It wasn’t Actually about You.

March 19, 2015

Please Share! I recently spoke with a woman who was holding herself back because she was afraid that if she was too successful, she would make others uncomfortable. It was the old “Who do you think you are?” mentality—who did she think she was to do big things in life? Those weren’t her thoughts or […]

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When it’s Time to do Something, You will Know

March 12, 2015

Please Share!At times, it might feel like you need to run your own life. It can feel like you need to be constantly looking out so that you don’t get yourself into some mess. Predicting and preventing problems so that you’re not constantly solving problems. Nearly every day I talk with people who are asking […]

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Problems Don’t Have Roots

March 5, 2015

Please Share!Problems don’t have roots.  They aren’t deep-seated. Just the opposite is true, actually. Any and all problems you might have are—relatively speaking–quite shallow. They are right there on the surface, created by (and existing completely within) the current moment in which you experience them. When the thought that brought those problems to the surface […]

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An End to Anxiety: A Four Week Course for a More Relaxed Life

March 2, 2015

Please Share!Starting in April, anxiety coach Kelli Walker and I will be teaching a 4 week course to help you understand and transcend anxiety. Kelli and I have both been there in a big way. Panic disorder, agoraphobia, compulsions…you name it. We both went through periods of being afraid to leave the house, living in chronic anxiety. And we’re both […]

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Your Psychological Immune System and Endless Do-Overs

February 26, 2015

Please Share!One of my favorite experiments to suggest is for people to watch their internal slate clear.  So Mary notices herself nervous about her job interview. In the thick of her nerves, they are all she can feel. Then, she notices at some point mid-interview…or maybe it’s after the interview…that she feels different. Calmer.  A […]

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How you are Different From, and also Exactly like, Everyone Else

February 19, 2015

Please Share!Human beings are all the same.  We are also extremely different. See, all humans have the same basic nature. We’re working from one universal operating system, just like 1000 people who have a brand new iphone. Before pictures, apps, and downloads start happening, those 1000 phones are the same. Fresh out of the box, […]

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The Mental Calming Effect of Commitment

February 12, 2015

Please Share!Meet Dave.  When Dave was dating his girlfriend Debbie, he had a lot of complaints about her. Dave said Debbie was negative. She never saw possibilities, only problems. She expected too much of him. Dave said Debbie was hard to live with at times. And yet, something kept Dave hanging on. In time, Dave […]

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The Brain is Fascinating, but Don’t Stop There

February 5, 2015

Please Share!The human brain is a pretty incredible organ, as far as organs go.   It is a remarkable, complex piece of machinery. And, it is a physical thing we can touch, observe and understand. Although we now know that it can change throughout life, it is still somewhat fixed, already formed, and bound by […]

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Why? is a Natural Question, but not always a Helpful One

January 29, 2015

Please Share!Everyone wants to know why.  Why do I keep doing that? Why don’t I get it yet? Why do I feel this way? Why is a natural question. We’re curious…so we wonder why. Even more than that, we believe we need to know why so that we can solve our problems. Our problems look […]

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Waiting to See what you Might Do

January 22, 2015

Please Share!There is an idea I’ve been playing with lately—especially in the midst of visionaries, New Years’ resolution-ers, and game-planners. It’s the idea of waiting to see what you might do.  Waiting to see what you might do is in contrast to deciding what to do. It’s the opposite of mentally making a choice, or […]

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