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The Art of Being Human: Living with more Ease, Joy, and Meaning

Join me for an exploration into the art of being human. Over the course of 3 virtual meetings you will be part of a conversation that deepens your understand of how the human experience is created.

When you see how your moment-to-moment human experiences are created, you become infinitely better equipped to make excellent day-to-day decisions.

The more you understand about the Principles that are true for all human beings–the principles that reveal the truth about mental health and explain our spiritual and psychological makeup–the better life gets.

The result of this deepened understanding is a life that is totally human, totally ordinary, but is lived with far more ease, joy, and meaning.

This course is ideal for people at any level: whether you’ve read Being Human or already have an understanding of the Three Principles, or you’re brand new to these ideas, you will have the opportunity to see things in a deeper way, wherever your current understanding lies.


What you get with this program

You will receive mp3 recordings of those three classes.  Here’s a summary of each class:

  • Class 1:
    • What is a principle?
    • The Three Principles that are the foundation of all human experience
    • Innate Health: You were born—and remain—happy
    • How your moment to moment thought in like weather–superficial and always in flux
    • The truth about Resilience and Bouncing Back
  • Class 2:
    • The Inside-Out Nature of Experience
    • You  are Powered by Universal Mind
    • State of Mind & How You Innocently Create Stress
    • Intellect vs. Wisdom; Thought vs. Truth
  • Class 3: 
    • Feeling vs. thinking your way through life
    • Following hunches vs. following strategies and plans
    • Showing up dumb (listening), potential, and creativity

Because these are recordings of classes, you also get the benefit of questions and conversation withparticipants.

This information has truly changed my life and the lives of many people.

AJ artbeing humanThe Art of Being Human recorded course is $37

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