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Truth: The Way Human Life Really Works

In a two-part class, I share the basics of the psycho-spiritual understanding that has changed my life and the lives of many, many others worldwide.

This 3 hour course is an introduction to a new, accurate way of viewing yourself and your experience. You will come away from the course with a feel for the understanding that allows people to walk away from habits and insecurities and live a richer, more meaningful, peaceful life.

I will share:

  • A look at the blueprint, or basic operating system, for all humans. This blueprint shows us why and how we come to experience life the way we do.
  • What all humans have in common, and what makes us all unique.
  • The set of universal misunderstandings that humans tend to fall for—and how they hold us back in life.
  • The true source of creativity, clarity, and peace of mind.
  • How an understanding of these truths helps people live with more ease and meaning, rise above habits and unhelpful patterns—and truly—how this understanding can solve any problem on earth.

The Format

The Truth Course consists of two 90 minute classes. In both classes I share the basics of the understanding that leads to insight and change. There is also discussion and questions from participants who were live as the courses were being taught.

When you purchase the Truth Course, you will receive video and audio-only versions of both classes so that you can take in this information in the way that’s best for you. The audio version of the class is downloadable.


This class is ideal for you if:

  • You have the sense that more is possible than you current experience of life
  • You suffer from depression, anxiety, or habits and addictions
  • You’ve read Being Human or The Little Book of Big Change and you’re eager to see more
  • You feel like a victim of the world and circumstances
  • You would like to understand more about the understanding I teach before investing in private coaching

The Investment

The two-part class, including video and audio versions of both calls, is only $49 USD


I always aim to make group classes like this one as affordable as possible to make sure that this life-changing information is available to everyone.

Please join me to learn more!