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Yearlong Coaching Program

People hire me because they want something. Sometimes it’s something out in the world, like relationships with less drama, to end a habit or addiction, or a way to not take things so personally.

And sometimes it’s internal and less tangible, like peace of mind, a richer experience of life, or a way to stop trying to control everything.

When you want something out in the world, you want it because you believe it will make you happy.

Ironically, when you say you want the inner stuff like peace of mind, you immediately look to how you might rearrange circumstances in the outer world to produce that peace of mind.

Either way, your focus is outside of yourself and that is why you feel insecure.

The Weather

Imagine that your happiness was dependent on the weather. You would naturally experience a lot of insecurity there because you can’t control the weather.

The best you can do is try to cope with it. You can get an umbrella, change your plans to avoid being outside, or move to a nicer climate.

But coping isn’t foolproof. You can’t always change your plans. Sometimes you forget your umbrella and moving is a lot of work.

Instead of always trying to cope with what happens out there, what if you were less affected by it?

In our weather example, the weather would be free to do what it does and you’d simply watch it. Sure, you might prefer some types of weather over others, but your happiness and well-being wouldn’t depend on any particular type of weather.

You’d know the weather was temporary. Always changing. You’d remember that the sun is always there and the sky is always blue, even when dark clouds are temporarily covering it.


This is what coaching does for people. You stop waiting for the weather to change and you stop trying to cope with it.

You become secure in your knowing that your peace of mind is like the sun—it’s always there behind the clouds. And you come to deeply see that the clouds aren’t a problem because they are always moving.

A strong inner foundation is there no matter what is happening around you.

When I work with clients, they have access to me when they need it. I see what they aren’t quite seeing in the moment, and we look at it together. When we do this over and over (and over), they begin to see things very differently.

The Offer

Be part of this exploration with me for an entire year. A lot of life happens in the course of a year and I will be available to look at all of it with you.

You get 18 hours of private coaching by telephone or Skype.

The program tends to be front-loaded so that we start the year off with a lot of one-on-one interaction by telephone or Skype, then it tapers off as your understanding strengthens. We’ll tailor it to you though. Sometimes it makes sense to talk a lot upfront and less later, and other times we talk weekly or biweekly the whole way through. It’s up to you.

In addition to the 18 calls, you will have unlimited, anytime access to me via email throughout the year. Plus:

What my clients experience

  • A marked drop in insecurity, fear, and doubt when you stop believing that you need anything “out there” to change.

  • An overwhelming feeling of possibility. You feel free to do things in the outside world you couldn’t do before when the self-imposed pressure is gone.  When you’re truly in touch with your own constant inner peace, things in the world aren’t so scary.
  • More confidence and clarity in decision making because you aren’t sidetracked by thought. You do what feels right.

  • Ease in everything. There is so much less you have to do when you stop trying to rearrange and control the world around you.

    You allow life to unfold rather than forcing things (and the unfolding is way better than anything you could force).

  • Insights and a-has galore. When you stop identifying with your thoughts so much, and you have a direct connection with insight and wisdom.

What some clients experience (in their words)

“I have been coaching with Amy for about 6 months now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life.  Prior to working with her, I suffered from anxiety attacks as well as high levels of stress that impacted me both emotionally and physically.   Since working with her my life has become so much easier.  I always thought I had to do hours of work and self-help but Amy has helped me understand how simple life can be and how to enjoy all that it has to offer.  I don’t live in fear anymore and am excited about the future.  My life is not perfect and I still want to “go deeper” but I am so grateful for the changes this coaching has provided.”  –Sara; California

“Coaching with Amy has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Her wisdom and clarity of expression is phenomenal – easy to understand and connect with. She coaches with love and acceptance, which makes it easy to bring up not-so-easy subjects. Amy asks questions and gives feedback that ALWAYS points me back to my own health and wisdom. I have never experienced anything so gentle, kind and transformative as my experience with Amy Johnson.”  –Anita, California

“This year spent with Amy as my coach has blown my mind. I see myself and all of life in a very different way than I used to–in a much better way! I get that my nature is clarity and peace and knowing that helps me be there far more. I am so much more easygoing than I used to be, I laugh more and more easily, and even my wife says she couldn’t be happier with the change in me. I highly recommend this program. It is a steal for the money.”              –David; Nevada

“Words can’t describe the sense of levity, freedom, and possibility the Three Principle understanding has given me. I am incredibly grateful for this understanding and Amy was the perfect teacher for me. She is patient, understanding, and very passionate about helping people live the way we are meant to live and it truly makes a difference.”  –Lesley; Australia

“I signed up for Amy’s yearlong coaching program because I wanted to stop binge eating. I did stop,and I got so much more than that. I had no idea how hard I was making life, unnecessarily. With Amy’s guidance my life is not only habit free, but full of more happiness and deeper connection with life than I thought possible. Thank you, Amy!” –Alexandra; Maine

“When I came to Amy, I was deep in the throes of a binge eating and felt like a prisoner of my thoughts. Now I not only see my habits differently, but my whole life. Amy is one of the most insightful, understanding, and patient coaches I have ever met and I am so grateful that I got to work with her. I was only looking to end my habit, but I got so much more. Amy showed me a totally new way to look at things—now I am excited to see where my life takes me instead of feeling stuck in constant mental anguish. If you struggle with habits, fear, or anxiety, I highly suggest talking to her.”–Ariana; California

“I was extremely nervous and hesitant to seek professional help because I had no idea what I’d be getting myself into. I also wondered whether it was really possible to accomplish life altering things through email and phone discussions. If you have these same concerns, you can let them go.

When something pops up in between phone appointments I’ll just shoot her an email and bam, she responds quickly with very clear insights and questions which help me discover how to move forward. We continue the email exchange as long as necessary (many times it’s just one or two emails – that’s how great her emails are.)

Although I signed up for the yearlong program (three times, actually) it didn’t take a year to see progress. She helped me deal with a situation (that I stressed about for years) over an email conversation my very first week. With her help, I’m now doing more of the things I love, am more productive both personally and professionally, my relationships are stronger than they’ve ever been, and I feel more equipped to handle whatever life throws my way. Basically, life feels easier and more enjoyable.

On paper, the unforeseen events that occurred during the first year I began working with Amy would probably have put that year on “the worst year ever” list. However, I feel like it was one of the best years I’ve ever had.  The situations I faced were terrible, but how I handled them was incredible – all due to Amy’s help and teachings.” –Lori; Florida

“I’ve so appreciated the experience of working with Amy over the duration of a year. This coaching program has given me the confidence to feel that I too can live from a place where I am conscious of my thoughts. I’ve learned that life may be messy, but the messiness doesn’t have to stain permanently.”  –Michael (www.fearlessentrepreneur.co); Oslo, Norway/California

“I would pay twice this price all over again in a second. This year has far exceeded my expectations.” –Patrick; New York

The investment

$3499 paid in full up front, or 3 payments of $1250, due at the beginning of each of the first 3 months.

Most coaches charge upwards of $10,000 for this level of ongoing support. I won’t even tell you what I’ve paid in the past, and I’d do it all again in a second.

Needless to say, $3499 for a life where you’re intimately acquainted with the peace and clarity that is already within you… is a steal. But I’m incredibly biased.

Why me?

I’ve learned from the best coaches in the world.

I’ve learned from the best (Supercoach Michael Neill, master coach credentials from Martha Beck, and many, many others).

I’m always doing some continuing education–this year it’s advanced mentoring of the Three Principles from the leading 3P teachers in the world.

I live this. Now. But I haven’t always, so I’ve been both places. Running like mad to try to outsmart the weather… and secure in the knowledge that I create my experience to the point of not owning an umbrella.

Let’s talk

I would love to answer your questions, help you sort through any concerns, or just generally provide more information for you. Email me and we can chat that way or by phone. Any time you’re ready.