You Could Have Everything You Want Someday

A mind is habitually, universally dissatisfied. 

It’s dissatisfaction is about it, not about you. Part of its gig is to have nonstop conversations about more, better, could be, might be… 

A mind’s fundamental dissatisfaction is usually followed by ideas or strategies for how to be satisfied someday. Someday is the mind’s favorite promise. It complains about what’s wrong and then offers a solution for its own complaint, over and over and over. 

You’re not secure enough now, but skip that morning latte and you could save $700 over the course of a year. Drinking bad coffee and having $700 in the bank will surely make you feel safe and secure. 

You’re not thin enough today, but cut out a few more carbs–or maybe catch one more stomach flu–and you’ll be thin and brimming with self-love. 

You’re not fulfilled now, but if the company you work for gets bought out and the new management recognizes the value you bring, you could feel fulfilled by your work.

The mind is so conditional, and it’s such a problem solver, that it will almost always offer up solutions to the problem it’s creating when it talks nonstop about what’s missing. But do you notice how these “solutions” always involve deprivation, more work or willpower on your part, buy tiktok followers or something magical happening (like the people in your life changing overnight, or your company being bought out by people who adore you)? 

It stems from the best survival intentions, but it’s kind of a waste of energy when you look at it this way, isn’t it? Problem → solution, both created by the same narrator. The problem is rarely an actual problem and the solutions are unkind at worst, impractical at best. 

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