Subtraction, Not Addition

Continue to see thought for what it is. It’s the always-on narrator in your mind that is very opinionated and full of problems and solutions. But that narrator is not you and the narration is not the truth. 


There is a healthy, happy, free space beyond the narration. There is an awareness or space within which all thoughts and feelings come and go. You sense something closer to ‘yourself’ beyond all the thoughts and feelings, by subtraction, not by addition. 


If you are peaceful, happy, wise, and habit-free by default, and you already have and already are everything you’re searching for, adding more on top of that won’t make sense. 


When you’re wanting to feel “more like yourself”, adding more food, alcohol, possessions, rituals, porn or work isn’t going to get you there. You’re already “there”; “home” is just temporarily covered by habitual thought that looks true and personal. 


You need subtraction, not addition. When you see habitual thought for what it is, you pay far less attention to it. You respect and identify with it far less. And as it fades into the background, it subtracts itself out of your experience. 


When you’re wanting to be free of a habit or anxiety, adding more behavioral steps, strategies, nicer thoughts, techniques, information, etc. doesn’t make sense. 


You’re already free, you just don’t feel it because you’ve identified with thinking that says you aren’t free, you have a problem, or you don’t feel okay.


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