Navigating Anxiety and Worry in Uncertain Times

It’s easy to worry your way through these uncertain days. Binge watching the news. Binge eating and drinking everything in sight. Numbing in whatever way brings you momentary comfort. It doesn’t have to be that way. Although your outside freedoms may be limited, your...

You and Your Mind in a Pandemic

When your mind gets wind of the uncertainty inherent in life—how fragile and temporary and not-at-all guaranteed it all is—it can get a little restless. Your sweet little mind thinks that it knowing how things will go is what keeps you safe. Your mind has no idea...

Sitting on the Bus

I met a beautiful, wise woman yesterday. She told me a story about how it was for her 10 years ago. It was a tough time in her life. She had recently left one habit behind, only to find herself in another. The fallout from her latest habit found her without a driver’s...

Here to Play

Willow is playing a Wickersham in Seussical the Musical Jr.  Thursday was opening night; the first of 9 performances she’ll be part of over the next two weeks.   This is her third production. She auditioned for this show in mid-August. The cast of 35 kids (ages...

Brownie Troop 43487

It was maybe my most meaningful gig ever. Sharing ‘how we work’ with a troop of 9-year old Girl Scouts. I asked so many questions. What do they know about their thoughts, feelings, and why they do the things they do? Where do feelings come from? How do they know...

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