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Change That Sticks: How to Achieve Lasting Freedom from Habits and Anxiety Without  Relying on Willpower



There are two opportunities to join LIVE:
SUNDAY, September 22nd at 8pm EST or MONDAY September 23rd at 2pm EST

In this LIVE 60-minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • ✔ The #1 reason most habit-change attempts fail (it’s something we’ve all been taught to do!)
  • ✔ The simple misunderstanding that keeps you feeling stuck in habits, anxiety, and other issues
  • ✔ What you can discover about how your mind works that makes habits far less powerful
  • ✔ Why willpower rarely leads to lasting freedom
  • ✔ How relying on strategies and behavioral plans often makes change less (not more!) likely
  • ✔ The new paradigm that’s taking over traditional psychology and self-help…and how it’s leading to deep, sustainable change for people around the world
  • ✔ How the same understanding that leads to lasting change can radically improve other areas of your life, too

What Michael says…

After years of fighting and struggling, I now have the basic framework to not only see what my real problem is, but the means by which to let it go. I am habit- and anxiety-free, thanks to what I’ve learned from Dr. Amy.

Permanent change is not only possible—it is a natural part of the human design.

We have all felt frustrated and hopeless after failed change attempts. But those past “failures” are not your fault. You’ve simply been pointed toward an outdated understanding of how deep and lasting change really happens.

This webinar will point you in the right direction, toward lasting freedom from habits and anxiety.

What Suzanne says…

The understanding Dr. Amy shares brings a shift in understanding about who we are and how we experience life. Attaining this kind of clarity is a major gift. I thought I’d be teaching my mind how to jump through hoops, like teaching a pet how to navigate the obstacles in an agility course. But what I got from Dr. Amy makes much more sense. When your perspective changes, you don’t need practice drills and homework because you see a larger truth that affects change at the core level of your being.

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