Anapurna Madrone - Change Coach Profile


Location: Snoqualmie, WA USA


I have lived most of my life in a world of thought where my shoulds came along with me as a heavy ball and chain. I dragged these limiting beliefs through most moments of life. It felt heavy. I felt wrong. And I always thought that I should be different or better. The old I’m not good enough and my thinking is proving it. I came to the understanding and awareness, through my exploration of Dr. Amy Johnson‘s work, that I had been carrying around an unnecessary weight and baggage that I could set down, and even walk away from. Thought. Through my understanding of thought and what lies beneath it, a settled mind and an innate knowing, our wisdom and guidance can arise. My own thoughts began to shift and change. My actions and behaviors and beliefs transformed. My habits settled down. I can access my internal peace, and I notice when I can’t. The judgment has dissipated. And I’m aware of my wisdom.


I help guide people below the surface, uncovering their own innate wisdom, where they find their own freedom from self judgment. This insight can shift and end habits, create more self-love, and a deep sense of freedom. We are all OK, and there is nothing to fix. When we notice what arises and allow ourselves to be in and with whatever is showing up, our resistance dismantles and we reveal our true essence.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Habits, Shame/Shoulds, Unwanted Thoughts, Desiring Change