Verity Smith - Change Coach Profile


Location: Southend, Essex UK


Do you ever have those stomach-churning-are-you-kidding-me-days? Those times when leaving the house feels like too much effort and you’re doubting yourself at every turn? Or maybe you’ve had times that feel so stressful that you’re looking back at those moments as the good old days?

I’m Verity and I help people who are done with feeling stressed and anxious and run ragged by their busy minds – and are ready to see something new and fresh that has the capacity to be deeply helpful.

I stumbled into the world of personal development in the late 90’s, and since then have been on a personal journey of discovery. This has led me through the fascinating worlds of counselling, healing and coaching, amongst others.

I’m now a Certified Change Coach and have found this particular way of working to be profoundly helpful for people (including myself) who are prone to struggling with overly busy minds that won’t give them the peace they crave.

When people work with me, they can absolutely be guaranteed a safe space to explore what is going on for them. We’ll look at the nature of thought and how many of us have been innocently (and frustratingly!) hoodwinked by it.

From personal experience (along with feedback from my awesome clients), I know that regardless of where we are today, things can always get better. No exceptions. I offer a 45 minute complimentary Discovery Session for people who are interested in exploring this understanding further. And the truth is that this session alone has the potential to be life changing.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Habits, Relationships, Work/Career