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Nearly every day since The Little Book of Big Change was published, I hear from someone who has been deeply impacted by the intuitive understanding it shares.

Some are thrilled to have ended a longtime habit for good, after countless previous attempts to stop their binge eating, overdrinking, obsessive thinking, or something else. Others are simply experiencing greater peace of mind, a more open heart, and mental clarity—so life feels easier and more joyful than ever before.

Have you found a sense of freedom that you want to share with others?

You can:

Help people become free of unwanted habits and anxiety

Touch lives and have a positive impact on humanity

Earn a great living while making a difference

How? Become a Certified Change Coach!

My exclusive Change Coach Training Program gives you the skills and support to help others using the no-willpower approach shared in my books and in The Little School of Big Change, that has already helped thousands of people around the world.

The Change Coach Training Program is NOT about helping your clients change their psychology. It’s about helping them understand what’s beyond their psychology to see how all humans work from a much larger perspective. The understanding you’ll learn is incredibly deep and cuts straight to the core of how our human experience works. That’s why it’s so effective!

Because all habits are rooted in the same essential misunderstanding, as people gain clarity, their insights can apply to anything they are up against.

In this coaching program, you will learn to help clients to eliminate unsupportive habits of all types, such as: 

►Binge eating, bulimia, and other food disorders
►Smoking and overdrinking
►Internet addiction

►Anxiety and phobias
►Excessive worry and “what if” thinking
►Panic attacks and stress
►Obsessive-compulsive behavior

►Anger, rage, and resentment
►Jealousy and other relationship issues
►Mood and attitude problems
►Anywhere people feel stuck

Hear What Students Are Saying

“I went into this just hoping that it would give me some confidence in the way I coached people, and I got so much more than that.”

Sarah Parker
Certified Change Coach


My life changed so much for the better when I began learning from Dr. Amy Johnson, pretty much immediately.

She shares this understanding of the way we work as humans in a way that’s so accessible, so deeply grounded and loving. I knew I wanted to share some of this beautiful understanding I’ve gained with my own clients but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I knew I saw things profoundly differently, but felt uncertain how to translate my own understanding into my coaching.

It was such an easy “YES!” for me when I saw that Amy was training coaches, and I’m so grateful for the experience. Not only did my own grounding deepen dramatically, I now have a confidence and ease in sharing this understanding with my clients that feels effortless. It lives in me in a real way. Much of that depth came from the rich conversations, coaching and learning I did with Amy and the amazing group she brought together. If you are looking for a deeper grounding in your own understanding so you can share that with your clients, I can’t recommend Dr. Amy Johnson highly enough.

– Michelle Barry Franco

Who Change Coach Training is For

Who Change Coach Training is For

The Change Coach Training program is ideal for people who:

Are brand new to coaching. Even if you have not worked with clients before, this program will provide a solid foundation for coaching others through change.


Have experience working with clients as a therapist, counselor, or coach from another perspective, but want to see more about coaching people to change from the no-willpower approach.

If you have been impacted by the understanding I share in The Little Book of Big Change and The Little School of Big Change, and you have a strong desire to help people shed habits, anxiety, and other issues, this training is ideal for you!

Program Timeline

The Next Change Coach Training Program begins in January 2022.

Change Coach Training Program

It is a 6-month program comprised of three, 3-day training’s that can be attended in-person or virtually via live-streaming. In between live trainings are live webinars, regular group coaching and support, and the opportunity to shadow me in The Little School of Big Change.​

Live Training 1:

The New Paradigm

January 27 – 29, 2022
in Nashville, TN or virtual

Your own understanding of how humans work is the foundation for your ability to help others. Our first live training focuses on deepening what you see about how humans work and how change happens. Your grounding will significantly shift after this training, providing clarity and confidence as you prepare to coach clients. You will observe and debrief several full length coaching sessions in Live Training I.

Live Training II:

Coaching the Vertical Dimension

March 24 – 26, 2022
in Plymouth, MI or virtual

Our second live training is all about coaching! Where to begin, where to have your “antennae up”, building rapport, knowing where change and impact come from, and how where you are coming from, as a coach, makes all the difference in the world. Live Training II will involve lots of coaching demos that we will debrief and discuss as a group.

Live Training III:

How clients view their issues

May 19-21, 2022
in Plymouth, MI or virtual

Live Training III goes deeper into the subtleties of coaching people around specific issues. You’ll observe a ton of coaching and we’ll explore topics like client resistance and common blind spots in some of the most common habits and obstacles you’ll coach (e.g., eating-related habits, anxiety, etc.). We’ll end with some training around client attraction and ways to work or create a business as a coach.


Save your seat for the 2022 class. This program is limited to 30 students and it will sell out.


Dr. Amy Johnson is one of those mentors and coaches who has the ability to lead you gracefully and profoundly into a deeper understanding of how life works by grounding your own understanding in a very practical and real way.

With her coach training program, Amy has created a special space in which to explore what it really means to be human and how to bring that understanding to others with greater impact.

Amy brings a wonderful mix of humor, lightness, integrity, compassion, intelligence, and deep understanding to her group and ensures that she is truly there for each and every one of her mentees.

If you are seeking a life-changing mentoring experience, look no further than Amy Johnson’s coach training program.

– Lana Bastianutti

Exactly what’s included in the
Change Coach Training Program:

Three, 3-day live (in-person) or virtual (live-stream) trainings. You will receive recordings of these trainings.

Live webinars with coaches and practitioners that are recorded and yours to keep.

Full participation in LSBC March 2021 class ($500 value) as a student.

Private group for Certified Change Coaches to continue relationships, community, and collaboration after certification. I will do quarterly calls with that community for ongoing support long after the training ends.

Public listing on a Certified Change Coaches directory where clients looking for change can easily find you.

Regular Group Calls and Access to Private Forum for support in between live trainings on anything you need.

Full behind-the-scenes participation in LSBC March 2021 class ($500 value) as a coach-in-training. You’ll have 3 group debrief calls with me to discuss the course. This is a unique opportunity to go through a top-notch coaching course with real-time training, as you watch me coach real people who are struggling in various ways.

1-year complimentary access to the LSBC Graduate Community to continue your deepening ($468 value).

Possible employment opportunities as a coach within The Little School of Big Change. LSBC is growing at a fast pace and my need for coaches is growing (these opportunities are not guaranteed, but are possible for anyone).

Supplemental Trainings around creating online courses and starting your business.

Personal, detailed feedback from Amy on practice coaching sessions.

Certification Requirements

Coaches will submit a recorded coaching session in order to be considered for certification. Certification will be granted by late July, 2022.

There are a limited number of spots in this program. I am keeping the group intentionally small to ensure that everyone gets plenty of personal attention.

What is the Cost of the Change Coach Certificate Program?

The full investment is $10,000 USD (if paid in full)
Or three payments of $3,600 USD

The 2021 Change Coach Certification Program has started. Enrollment for the 2022 Program will start soon. Fill up the form below to get notified.


I knew within a few weeks of having gone through the Little School of Big Change and watching my major depression fall away, that I was ready for a deeper understanding.

Through coach training and mentoring with Amy, I was given the opportunity to coach others and the results were wonderfully life-changing! You can imagine my surprise when I was told by grateful clients that I was “brilliant, full of wisdom, amazingly loving, and deeply impactful!” It’s all because of this understanding Amy teaches you to skillfully share with others.

Training with Amy, you also become a part of life-long family. I recommend the Change Coach training program with great respect, honor, and immeasurable gratitude!

– Dave Fry

Certified change coach

Apply Today to Become a
Certified Change Coach

This may be the best time in history to be a Change Coach. People worldwide need support as they navigating the change happening in the world, and coaching is a career that can be done remotely with incredible flexibility, freedom, and earning potential.

Join me… in doing the best “job” ever. Helping people wake up to their own inner health, resilience, and freedom is beyond rewarding.

Join me… in constantly saying “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

Join me… in my mission to change the way the world views mental health.

Mental and emotional freedom and peace of mind are so much easier than we’ve been told. There is so much more hope than we’ve been led to believe. Join an incredible tribe of people that is making huge change in individuals and in the world.


Save your seat for the 2022 class. This program is limited to 30 students and it will sell out.