Join a group of curious, open-minded people who are ready to see their true nature and end spiritual seeking through a deep study of the book Liberation Is: The End of the Spiritual Path by Salvadore Poe.

This book is experiential, full of exercises and short experiments designed to reveal your true nature.

From the book description:

“Through inquiries and experiments, you are guided to recognize your free essential being, and what is revealed in that recognition is that you are whole and complete, lacking nothing, exactly as you are now. When this is clearly seen and becomes doubtless, seeking ends naturally, by itself.”

This book is simple and direct. It is not theoretical or conceptual. This is not a book that discusses your true nature – it’s a book designed to directly reveal your true nature.


I’ll break down the book into 10 sections for us to read on our own each week throughout the book club. There will be a class forum for discussion and support as you’re doing the simple experiments, as well as a group call each week for integration and support.


The book group kicks off on Monday, August 5th when our forum opens.

You’ll read the initial assigned pages and do the “holidays” (that’s what Sal calls the experiential exercises in the book) before our first call, which will be Thursday, August 8th at 2pm ET/11am PT/ 7pm UK.

Subsequent calls will be each Thursday at 2pm ET/11am PT/ 7pm UK with the exception of Week 2, when our call will be Wednesday, August 14th at 2pm ET/11am PT/ 7pm UK. Our final call will be Thursday, October 10th.

All calls are 90 minutes and will be recorded.

The Book

You are responsible for purchasing a copy of Liberation Is. Please note that the book is available in paperback/kindle only (no audiobook). Either format is fine. You can find it on Amazon here.


#1. Everyone enrolled in the book group will receive a FREE copy of Salvadore’s second book, Blown Wide Open: A Collection of Holidays.

#2. Salvadore Poe (the author) will join us for a call on Tuesday, October 8th so that we can ask him questions and work with him directly.


The Book Club is $149*

*Members of Student Access Plus will receive a 30% discount on this group. You can learn more and join Student Access Plus here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make the live calls?

All calls will be recorded and the recordings will be yours indefinitely. It is unlikely that many people can make all 10 calls. You will benefit greatly from reading the book and using the call recordings and forum to supplement your reading, even if you can’t make any calls live!

What if I’ve already read the book? Will the book club still be beneficial?

Yes! We will dive deep into this simple book and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and hear others’ insights.

Will the book club include coaching and support, or simply discussion of the book?

You will be able to get support with the pointers in the book, including how they relate to the issues you may be dealing with, anytime throughout the 10 weeks both on our private forum and in our group calls.

Do members of Student Access Plus get a discount on the book club? Are there any other discounts available?

Yes. 30%. You can join Student Access Plus here.

For those of you who are attending the live event July 19-20 in Michigan, you can take 50% off the book club enrollment. Reach out to to get a promo code.

Have Questions?

Please share your questions here and we will get back to you. I would love to have you join The Book Club!

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