The Coach Community is a place for coaches to grow in their own personal freedom and get ongoing supervision and support in coaching sessions.

The primary focus of this group is your own non-conceptual “understanding” and freedom.


Because the ease and effectiveness with which you can a) powerfully support clients, and b) take actions that attract potential clients, is directly impacted by your continuing personal growth.

As your grounding, or personal liberation, deepens:

  • Your ability to see where clients are in their own way and point them out of it dramatically increases

  • Your confidence and ease in coaching conversations goes through the roof

  • Taking actionable steps in your business becomes simple and obvious (no more overthinking which social media platforms to use or the fact that your blog posts or podcast aren’t perfect)

  • Content creation feels inspired and fun

  • Your desire to talk about what you do increases

  • Creative examples and metaphors come to mind naturally, as well as ideas about how to share with particular clients for the greatest potential impact

When we, as coaches, are actively seeing more and we’re living what we’re seeing, our work with clients becomes a natural extension of that.

The Coach Community will also offer supervision and detailed feedback on actual coaching sessions, which deepens your grounding as well as your practical skills as a coach.

What’s included in The Coach Community

* One 90-minute Grounding Call each month. I will present a different topic each month designed to point you, the coach, toward deeper liberation yourself. There will be opportunities for personal support and coaching from me on these calls.

* One 90-minute Coaching Supervision Call each month. Coaching supervision calls are designed to rapidly improve your skills as a coach. These calls will take on various forms such as live peer coaching with real-time feedback, feedback and discussion of recorded coaching sessions, role play and coaching demos, coaching-related exercise, etc.

* The opportunity to submit at least one recorded coaching session for personalized recorded feedback over the course of the year.

* Private forum where you can get support and ask questions of me and the group anytime, including business-related questions.

* The option to be paired with a Coaching Buddy, rotated every couple of months. You’ll get guidance and suggestions on ways to use your time together to optimize grounding and coaching skills. (Optional)

* Membership in the LSBC Graduate Community ($39 value)

* Discount on Full Day Immersions. Full Day Immersions are designed to mimic the depth and connection in our Change Coach Trainings. These days will focus on a combination of grounding and coaching.

Choose between two tracks

#1 Supervision Track

The Supervision Track includes:

  • Monthly Grounding Call
  • Forum
  • LSBC Community Membership
  • Monthly Supervision Call
  • Feedback on sessions
  • Coaching Buddies
  • Discount on Full Immersions

Please note that everyone in the Supervision Track will be required to participate in the live coaching and exercises. I highly recommend this track if you’re working with clients or intend to.

$99/month (no commitment) or $999/year (when paid in full up front)*

#2 Grounding Track

The Grounding Track includes:

  • Grounding Call
  • Forum
  • LSBC Graduate Community

(Does not include Supervision Call, feedback on sessions, Coaching Buddies, or Discount on Full Immersions)

This option is great for those who are not interested in coaching others, but want to deepen their grounding in a way that goes above and beyond what we do in The LSBC Community.

$59/month (no commitment) or $599/year (when paid in full up front)*


The Coach Community will begin in August.

The Grounding Call will be on the first Monday of each month at 2pm EST (11am PST; 7pm UK).

The Supervision Call will be the third Tuesday of each month at 11am EST (8am PST; 4pm UK)

All calls will be recorded and participants will have access to the recordings of all calls from their track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for Change Coaches?

No, The Coach Community is for any coach or practitioner who wants to increase their ease and effectiveness in their work. Coaches can be certified by any coach training program and practitioners might be from traditional psychology, counseling, social work, etc.

The Supervision track is for those who are actively supporting clients in any capacity.

What experience is necessary to participate?

There are no strict experience guidelines. If you’ve completed a coach training program or course of study centered on supporting others (e.g., psychology, social work, etc.), we would love to have you!

When is my first renewal if I sign up before August 1st?

Your first renewal for a monthly plan will be September 1st if you sign up before or on August 1st.

Your first renewal for an annual plan will be August 1st, 2025 if you sign up before or on August 1st.

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

Annual memberships are not refundable. A prorated amount may be offered in special circumstances.

Have other questions?

Please share your questions here and we will get back to you. I would love to have you join The Coach Community!

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