What is The Little School of Big Change?

The Little School of Big Change is a guided, 6-week program designed to help you overcome anxiety and unwanted habits without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline.

LSBC shares a groundbreaking new paradigm in mental health that has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to tap into their natural health and resilience. The school helps you see yourself and your psychology in a radically new way—a way that leads to freedom from what holds you back.

Who Is LSBC For?

If you’ve ever felt powerless over your anxiety, depression, unwanted habits . . .
Had a sense that you’ve been going about change the wrong way, or have tried every program and plan only to end up back at square one, then . . .

The Little School of Big Change is for you.

Hear What Past Students Are Saying


Anxiety & Worry

Taking your thoughts seriously, believing them to be personal or meaningful, can cause you to lose sight of the natural resilience we all have available to us. When this happens, you inevitably find yourself caught up and anxious. All forms of anxiety—whether it’s panic attacks, generalized anxiety, OCD, phobias, incessant worrying, or even just the sense that you’re living in your head—are based on a common misunderstanding of how your mind works.

The understanding shared in LSBC clears up this misunderstanding so that you are no longer afraid of the thoughts and feelings that pass through you. When you are no longer afraid of your experience, everything changes.

Eating disorder

Eating Issues

Dr. Amy has helped countless people with binge eating, bulimia, and other food-related habits since she found freedom from her own 8-year struggle with bulimia. It’s not about food, and these habits aren’t ended by trying harder, having more discipline or willpower, or finding the right plan or strategy. It’s far deeper, and far simpler than that.

It’s about our relationship with our own moment-to-moment experience of life. The LSBC paradigm is deep, direct, simple, and it has helped so many people find permanent freedom from food and weight issues.


Unwanted Habits

Although various habits and anxiety show up differently on the surface, beneath the surface they are all the same. The understanding shared in LSBC, has helped people find freedom from drinking, smoking, procrastination, online addictions, as well as anxiety, eating disorders, depression, mood and emotional issues, and so much more.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. The Little School of Big Change looks toward a set of universal, fundamental truths that apply to all people, always. LSBC shows you a direct route to change that is deep and lasting.

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How Does The Little School of Big Change Work?

When The Little School of Big Change starts on September 5th, you’ll receive instant access to the first module of video lessons. You’ll also be able to join the discussions in the private Class Forum where you will learn from the support being given to other LSBC students, and where you can always get as much personal support as you need from Dr. Amy.

Every week throughout the course, approximately 1 hour of new video and audio content will be unlocked for you to view. This content teaches you how your mind works, what’s there beyond your psychology, and how you can view your habits and anxiety in a way that leaves them looking far less powerful.

But LSBC is so much more than just an online course—it’s a community, full of personal support. There is a live group call each week, throughout the course, where Dr. Amy goes deeper into the course content. You can bring your questions, your coaching requests, and receive personal guidance where you most need it. You will learn so much from hearing from other LSBC students on a similar journey, as you observe them during the coaching process with Dr. Amy.

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What Is the Cost of LSBC?

The total investment for The Little School of Big Change is $497 USD for lifetime access to all the video lessons, as well as personal support and guidance from Dr. Amy and her coaches for the duration of the course.

You can also choose a payment plan and pay 3 payments of $180.

Who Teaches The Little School of Big Change?

The Little School of Big Change is led by Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist, coach, and author of several books including The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit.

Through teaching this radical new paradigm, she has helped thousands of people worldwide find freedom from habits and behaviors that have plagued them for years. LSBC students also have access to numerous interviews with psychologists and coaches as they discuss lasting change and freedom from habits and behaviors with Dr. Amy in the course modules.

Amy Johnson

What You Get


The LSBC course contains 12 Core Curriculum video lessons and 7 Advanced Curriculum video lessons that guide you through this life-changing understanding in a simple, easy–to–grasp way. That content is a combination of video lessons, animations, and conversations with other experts.

Exclusive access

In addition to the video lessons, you’ll have access to animations, conversations with Dr. Amy’s colleagues and other experts, and much more.


You will get materials to supplement and further your learning, including Dr. Amy’s private and extensive list of recommended resources.


There will be a group call each week during the 6-week course. During these calls, you will have the opportunity for a deeper discussion about the course curriculum and to receive personal coaching on anything you need. All of our calls are recorded and the recordings will be available to you for life, so it’s no problem at all if you need to miss a call.


The LSBC course offers access to a private class forum where Dr. Amy and her team of coaches answer your questions and provide 24/7 coaching and personal support throughout the six-week period.

Note: The forum is a private, internal forum on the LSBC website (not​ on Facebook).


Whether you have a simple question, want clarification on a video lesson, want to share an insight or victory, or need in-depth support, the  LSBC  community is always accessible, supportive, responsive, and all-around amazing.

When is the Next LSBC Course?

The Little School of Big Change is offered once a year at the most and the next course begins September 5th, 2024.

The weekly calls take place on Tuesdays at 1pm US Eastern (10am Pacific, 6pm UK).


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Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to all of the video content within LSBC​ so you can revisit everything as often as you’d like, for as long as you’d like.

It’s extremely important to me that you have lifetime access to the content because, as you continue to grow in your understanding of how life works, you have totally new insights when you re-watching the course videos. As your understanding deepens, what you are able to see, hear, and grasp deepens.


Frequently Asked Questions

The understanding of the human experience that you’ll come to see in The Little School of Big Change is rooted in fundamental human truths that are simple and profound. They are not my theory or set of ideas—they have been presented throughout history in various philosophy, psychology, and spiritual teachings.

I have seen more lasting transformation through this understanding than I have through anything else in 22 years of immersing myself in psychology and spirituality. Other theories and therapies are not even in the same ballpark … which is why I created The Little School of Big Change!

Obviously, everyone is different and so everyone will have their own personal insights in their own unique way. While I can’t say when or how your own insights will happen, I can say that most people end up having a significant shift in how they see themselves and their habits and problems when they immerse themselves in this understanding.

I have seen these shifts happen instantly, and I have seen them happen incrementally over a longer period of time. More often than not, significant change builds over time.

Please check out the Freedom Series case studies as well as the Amazon reader reviews of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit to see more about the kind of actual results people experience.

There are no issues that are too big or too deep for change. I have seen people walk away from serious drug addictions, suicidal depression, and 30+ year eating disorders via an insightful understanding of the human experience (just to give a few examples).

The Little School of Big Change works from the inside-out. You won’t get strategies, behavioral techniques, or surface-level fixes; you will learn an understanding of life that alters the way you view all experience. It shifts your foundation. In that way, it truly does apply to everything.

There is an excellent chance that it will! This way of viewing yourself, your experiences, and your habits and problems is fundamentally different than any therapy or other approach that exists.
This understanding is truly new and different. It worked for me when nothing else did, and I’ve seen it do the same for many, many people.

The ​Fall 2024 course is set to begin September 5th, 2023.

The group calls are Tuesdays at 1pm ET throughout the 6-week course. The calls run 90 minutes and you are free to come late or drop off early if you need to.

All of the group calls are recorded and the recordings are posted in the school within a few hours of the call end. Many people can’t attend all of the live calls for various reasons. They listen to the recordings and still get enormous value! It’s great if you can be there live, but it’s not necessary.

Because LSBC has students from over 55 countries, we take every step we can to ensure that you get just as rich an experience even if you’re not able to join live. Each week, there is a thread on our private forum where you can submit questions or topics that Dr. Amy will address, on your behalf. So even if you’re not there live, all of your questions will be addressed.

Yes! When the 6-week course ends, all students are invited to join the LSBC graduate community. The graduate community is an amazingly close, supportive group. There are weekly coaching calls led by Dr. Amy and her coaches, and guest speakers brought in each month. There is a very active private forum for graduate community members where Dr. Amy is there supporting you all the time. We have annual live events where we get to meet in person, and so much more.

The graduate community is an incredible opportunity to stay connected to this understanding to receive personal support from Dr. Amy and her Change Coaches for as long as you’d like. The graduate community is only open to graduates of the 6-week course.

Each week, there is a group call on Tuesdays. Each call lasts around 90 minutes. The first call takes place on Tuesday, September 10th and the final call takes place on Tuesday, October 15th.

In addition, there will be an average of 1 hour of video lessons each week. The first set will be released on Thursday, September 5th, and then a set will be released each Friday. You can watch these videos when it suits your schedule.

Finally, the private forum is there for support, but you can spend as much or as little time on there as is helpful to you.

There is so much flexibility around the course, and it doesn’t matter hugely if you don’t manage to watch all of the videos ready for each call – you can watch them at times that suit you best. Plus, all of the calls are recorded, so if you miss one you can listen to it at a later time that works for you. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the curriculum videos and call recordings.

The Little School of Big Change began in 2017 and ran for nearly 5 years with the original content. That content was timeless in many ways, and it helped thousands of people from 2017 to 2021. In 2022, the LSBC content was all updated and professionally re-recorded, reflecting all of the learnings from 5 years of leading this course. The 2022 content reflects the simplest, most direct way of sharing the insights that have led to change and letting go of unwanted habits for past students.

The essence of the teachings haven’t changed, but the new content presents things in a way that’s a bit simpler, more direct, and goes deeper than the original content. This is simply a reflection of my own insights over the past 5 years and is the effect of watching thousands of people become habit- and anxiety-free in the past several years. Many of the lesson topics and even titles remain the same as in the original course, but the way I point to these truths has evolved. In terms of specifics, the new content includes one new conversation with one of my colleagues, John Flaherty, and a brand new animation.

The Little School of Big Change

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