Welcome. I’m Dr. Amy Johnson.

I help people who have already tried everything, finally end unwanted habits and anxiety.

I also train Change Coaches to help people change without relying on willpower.


If you prefer a
self-paced course

Join The little School
of Big Change

The Little School of Big Change is a self-study course designed to help you overcome anxiety and unwanted habits without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline. If you are ready to finally break the cycle of short-term change, that never sticks, The Little School of Big Change Self-Study is the place for you.

If you’d like to get support in a group


The Community is a group of like-minded people exploring big questions while getting personal coaching and support from Dr. Amy and her Change Coaches. It includes weekly group calls, access to our private forum, weekly Office Hours with Change Coaches, and more!

If you want 1-on-1 support

Get personal support with 1-on-1 Coaching

With 1-on-1 Change Coaching, you get personal support with anything you’re going through, including things like anxiety, habits, and relationships. It is also great for those who want to deeply explore identity, nonduality, and the nature of reality the way Dr. Amy discusses them in her podcast.

You can choose Change Coaching with Dr. Amy herself (limited availability) or with one of her Certified Change Coaches.


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