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I learned to worry at an early age. My mom worried a lot, often aloud, and I had no clue that what she was worrying about wasn’t real. You don’t as a kid. We were going to run out of money. We’d have to eat canned soup every night. We were going to lose our […]

Putting on a Facade

Somewhere around the thirteenth century in Bangkok, Thailand, a massive statue of the Buddha was made of pure gold. Not long after the statue was created, Burmese soldiers invaded Thailand. In a flash of insight, the Thai people covered the Golden Buddha in stucco and glass to hide its value and keep it safe from […]

Letting a Mind do it’s Job

If you’ve read Just a Thought (now available in the US, by the way!), you know why I find it so important to see what minds do. When we see, we don’t take it so personally. We get to be awake to it even while it’s happening. When we see, we realize it’s love and […]

Presumed Identity

Lucy asked, “Doesn’t the fact that my mind is always creating this identity, doling out these warnings and fears, mean there must be something to them? Why else would my mind go there so often?” “What if it’s just the opposite?” I asked back. “If fear and insecurity are innately, deeply who-you-are, why would your […]

Outside of Your Head, Nothing is Happening

Shhh… Be quiet. Find a right-now moment. Now. This one. What’s happening right now? What’s happening before thought? Before the narrator jumps up and starts narrating this right-now moment, what’s actually happening? Anything? Nothing? That’s what I find too. Before thought, in right-now, nothing is happening. The narrator in your head is the source of […]


This is Bean. And this is how Bean likes to relax, in a full on sprawl, often (though not in this picture), draped over the air conditioning vent. One thing I always notice about my dogs is how deeply and completely they relax. They seem to have no problem falling limp, not an ounce of […]

I’m Not Proud of Myself

I’m unbelievably grateful that I am no longer caught up in the binge eating habit that felt so powerful for eight years. I’m grateful that I no longer have panic attacks, near-constant worry, and so many irrational fears and insecurities. But when someone asked me recently if I was proud of myself for leaving these […]

Blast Off

I have a framed picture of Planet Earth, taken from outer space, hanging on my office wall. I love looking at that picture, especially when my mind is caught up in something that feels personal and up to me to figure out.  From up in our spaceship, “me” and “my problems” disappear. Concepts like good […]


As much as minds love to solve problems, compare and contrast, pro and con, and create “someday” carrots to dangle in front of us with the promise of lasting fulfillment, perhaps the thing they do most naturally and most often is dramatize. Ironically, the drama can be hard to notice. Minds have been adding color […]

Imposter Syndrome

In the early days of graduate school, I had a major case of Impostor Syndrome. Nearly everyone I was with had it too. I know because we talked about it openly.   We all walked into this new, intimidating situation, sizing each other up. What’s special about you? How did you earn your spot here? Is […]

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