Big Changes Start with this Little Book 3D-LBBC

Most of us struggle with some kind of habit we’d like to break. Whether it’s overindulging in food or alcohol, spending endless hours online, compulsively shopping, or being consumed by self-doubt, our minds can trap us into habitual thinking and behaviors that lead us away from the life we want. But the truth is, you are not your habit or addiction—and you already possess the power to end it for good.

With The Little Book of Big Change, you’ll discover what’s behind your habit or addiction and be able to stop it at its source. Drawing on a powerful combination of neuroscience and spirituality, you’ll learn that thought is at the root of all habits, so understanding the way you think can help rewire your brain and put an end to unhealthy behavior patterns. So, if you’re ready to say good-bye to bad habits and embrace real change, this book is for you.

What People are Saying About The Little Book of Big Change

“I loved reading this book! The Little Book of Big Change will help the field of addictions and anyone suffering from a debilitating habit to find an easier, more enlightened path to full recovery not only from habits and addictions, but a recovery of the innate health that is all of our birthright. I will encourage all the treatment centers I work with to use this as a course book for treatment. Dr. Johnson has moved the field forward to a new paradigm of treatment and recovery from addictions.”
Joseph Bailey, M.A., L.P. Licensed Psychologist and Author of the best-selling books, The Serenity Principle: Finding Inner Peace in Recovery and Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, with Dr. Richard Carlson

“The clarity, wisdom, and practicality of this book are simply extraordinary and unmatched in the field of addiction, making it the absolute #1 read for anyone struggling with or treating destructive habits. A powerful and radiant light that brings instant relief, hope, and peace of mind.”
Erika Bugbee, M. A., Partner at Pransky & Associates and Co-Founder of the Online Learning Division

“’The Little Book of Big Change’ is going to be a game changer for my counselling practice. I can’t wait to share this book with my clients. Amy writes in such a simple, common sense way about what’s behind all habits… whether behaviors or thoughts that we would like to see change. It is a “one size fits all” kind of book. I see Big Changes ahead for all who read this book! (Including myself!)”
Karen Miller Williams, Three Principles Practitioner and Mental Well-Being Expert for over 35 years, emotional well-being educator, counsellor, coach and consultant.

“This book completely overturns current ideas about addiction, the people who suffer with them, and the human ability for change.  Amy not only provides hope and a simple solution for eliminating addictive behaviors, she offers a profoundly hopeful look at the ability we ALL have to feel more at peace in life.”
Mara Gleason, MSW, Co-founder of One Thought, a leading global company that helps individuals and businesses unleash their greatest potential through clear thinking.

“I love this groundbreaking book! It frees people from the misguided idea that breaking self-destructive habits takes willpower, “bootstrap pulling,” tools, techniques, or thought reconditioning! It helps people see the innocence of their self-defeating habits so they can let go of guilt and blame. It helps people realize that they have all the mental health they need already inside of them. It shows people how to use the power of thought in their best interest. When people grasp these new insights their habits naturally melt away.”
Thomas, M. Kelley, Ph.D. , Associate Professor, Wayne State University & Licensed Psychologist

“When Amy Johnson speaks of spirituality in this book, she is not playing lightly. Dr. Johnson speaks of a spirituality that both moves the universe, and is also at the heart of ending addiction. This book reveals psycho-spiritual principles that are the essence of all spiritual teachings, and finally, tie spirit and science together.
The information in this book can free you not just from addiction to behaviors, but from addiction to thoughts, the real culprit! A clear, profound, well-written and revolutionary book.”
Ami Chen Mills-Naim, Author of The Spark Inside and State of Mind in the Classroom, Ami Chen Coaching and Education

“Thanks to this powerful book, I’ve been Googling ‘How to Build A Time Machine’, because, my gosh, I would have LOVED this book back when my worst addiction (habit) was ruining me, but I find now it also works, as a system, to delete even the smallest of current annoying habits! Very highly recommended!”
—Steve Chandler, Author of Time Warrior

“Amy’s potentially life-changing book gets right to the heart of who we really are: spiritual beings already and always healthy at our core. Amy’s presentation of the spiritual understanding of the Three Principles provides genuine hope that everyone already has what it takes to be free of their addictions and habits!”
—Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., Licensed psychologist, retired. 3 Principles Mentoring

“Combining modern neuroscience with timeless spiritual principles, Dr. Amy Johnson delivers a new understanding of habits that is both fascinating and practical, liberating and simple. She explains why harmful habits aren’t powerful, stable parts of who we are, but temporary logjams that cloud our natural state of well-being. Dr. Johnson helps her readers put aside faulty thoughts and urges, and points them toward the guidance of their innate wisdom. Anyone with a harmful behavioral or mental habit needs to read this book!”
—Kathryn Hansen, Author of Brain over Binge

“Absolutely brilliant! The Little Book of Big Change is a game changer and is now officially one of my favorite self-help books. Authentic, gentle and wise, Dr. Johnson masterfully leads us to life changing insights—it’s impossible to read this book and not immediately feel better in a long lasting, I see, way. If you’re stuck on some habit, read this book! You will likely get more than you can imagine.”
—Lisa Esile, Co-author of Whose Mind Is It Anyway: Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Life, (Penguin/Random House, June 2016)

“This book is the antidote to self-help; a powerful and insightfully written explanation of how we as human beings create our perceptions of the world we live in and how we live out those experiences and habits. Amy Johnson describes a new understanding of the power and infinite potential of the human mind and brain that will free countless men, woman and children of their destructive habits leaving them free to really enjoy living. Highly recommended.”
—Jacquie Forde, CEO of The Wellbeing Alliance

“The principles Dr. Amy Johnson shares in this book straddle science and spirituality and are revolutionizing how people approach behavioral change and the way they live their lives. If you’re ready to change your habits for good, read this book!”
–Michael Neill, bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and host of Supercoach Radio