Intrusive Thoughts and PTSD

Thoughts and memories–even painful, scary, intrusive ones–are safe and impermanent. They are your brain working perfectly, replaying thoughts and images from the past that were once given a lot of attention.

When you see flashbacks, memories, and intrusive thoughts as the current-moment firings of a well-meaning, well-working brain, there is space to experience them with far less meaning and discomfort.

The resources below, and The Little School of Big Change 6-week course, can show you so much about how your brain is on your side. Intrusive thoughts and flashbacks can come to demand far less attention.

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You Have No Idea How Safe You Are

There is one simple reason why anyone has any habit, addiction, anxiety, or other recurring issue….



Ask Amy: How do I Stop Intrusive Thoughts?

I have intrusive thoughts that won’t leave me alone. How can I see this differently?

Betty has thoughts that are incredibly disturbing to her. They keep coming back over and over again.



Ask Amy: My brain tells me I have the option to not exist, and it scares me a lot. Can you help?

Jake is caught up in a cycle of fearing a specific, habitual thought, and then trying to prove that thought false.

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