Amy Rausch - Change Coach Profile


Location: Portland, OR USA


Hi, I’m Amy! I help people end binge eating, restricting, yo-yo-ing, and all the in-betweens so they can spend their time and energy on things that truly matter. My area of expertise is in eating issues, including binge eating, purging, restriction, intrusive thoughts or compulsions around food, exercise, and body image.

Through my own experiences with disordered eating and fitness, I have come to see something quite deep about the human condition and where our suffering comes from. Such insights are available for you too, and I want to help you see for yourself. Change doesn’t come from doing more. It comes from seeing clearly. You don’t need more discipline, more food plans, more dieting, or more of anything. You only need to see your experience clearly, and this is where I want to help point you. Please feel free to send me a message on my website — I’d love to connect.

Much love, Amy

Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Exercise & Body Image