Angie Goen - Change Coach Profile


Location: Westbrook, CT USA


I don’t like to presume.


But, if you’re reading this, I am going to presume that you find yourself grappling with some sort of yuckiness in your life. I will also presume that you’re getting tired of working so hard trying to manage, figure out, or fix it. Maybe you just want things to be different than they are. Maybe you just want to be free of the yuck!


I get this. Truly. Like most humans, I have experienced my share of yuckiness. But what if, by directly exploring whatever is arising in real time, we can completely and fundamentally alter our relationship with the reality of what is? What if the act of exploration of what is here right now, yuckiness and all, is the gateway to freedom itself?


When you invest in coaching with me, we will have open, honest conversations as EQUALS. We will co-create a safe space, a nest, in which you can share anything that looks or feels problematic in your life. Together, we will explore those thoughts and feelings in the present moment. With curiosity guiding us, we will inquire into what is universal to all humans, the nature of experience, and the awareness of what is always and already available to you right now.

Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Awakening