Bill DeKramer - Change Coach Profile


Location: Kelowna, BC Canada


I love coaching. I love helping people uncover and see the magnificence they are and the ease with which they can live their lives, regardless of circumstances or past experience.

From the quiet space in coaching, I see in our conversation where the misunderstanding is. A comment or statement kind of lights up and says, “Pick me!” and we go down that path. From there, it’s just a matter of exploring the experience in ways that allows them to look freshly at the issue and recognize the misunderstanding for themselves.

The joy and ease I see come over them when they get it is priceless.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than help people recognize how capable they are to live their lives from who they truly are.

I have been working with people around anxiety, depression, relationships, work and career. And my wife, Connie, and I have incorporated this understanding and coaching into our 25 year business helping people restore health and lose weight naturally. It’s has been a such a joy to see people find LASTING change in their relationship with food and weight because they’re no longer caught in their thinking ABOUT food and weight.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Work/Career