Clare Assante - Change Coach Profile


Location: Ottery St. Mary, Devon England


As a change coach I want to share this understanding through one to one coaching, to help point people in the direction of change with no tools or techniques.

I suffered with anxiety for 25 years and my world was getting smaller and smaller, I’d tried many things to get rid of the anxiety, totally unaware that it was the trying to get rid of it that was what was holding it in place. Once I started to see the truth in this understanding of how the mind works I had massive shifts, I saw things that once they changed they changed for good and this is what I will explore when I coach, the possibilities are endless and the whole journey is so light and much more fun than things I’ve tried before.

Please get in touch if you’d like a chat to see if I can help you see life in a new and more interesting way.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Parenting, Children/Teens