Connie DeKramer - Change Coach Profile


Location: Kelowna, BC Canada


I love supporting people to thrive and expand into living more of who they are. It’s the best.

For the past 25 years I’ve supported hundreds of people with food and weight issues to improve their health, be symptom free and discover how powerful the body is. Many have results they never thought possible.

I have a very deep spiritual background and know that when we see how life works, what seems like a big life problem, begins to dissolve. And best of all, we recognize the problem as a tender invitation into more of who we are. That’s when it gets really fun.
As we understand that life wants our very best, we relax and experience life like how it feels when all the lights turn green on our way to the grocery store.

If you would like a free meet and greet session to talk about you and what you want to have happen in your life, please connect. I’m excited to meet you and get to know one another.

Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Work/Career, Losing Weight Naturally, Living As Your Inner Wisdom