Gabby Pritts - Change Coach Profile


Location: San Antonio, TX USA


I was caught up in what I thought how my life should be happening for me. Disordered eating, obsessive compulsions, and anxiety were at the forefront of my mornings. I tried it all to help alleviate and cope. Traditional therapy, coaches, online programs, supplements, and diets were all part of tried solutions. Some worked for a while, but like so often, the struggles and habits came flooding in again, and sometimes worse. It wasn’t until I came to this understanding that my thinking, habits, and behavior changed.

I can truly say that my awareness has shifted and I’m better for it now. I now work with people on the understanding that we are all full of health and clarity. Being human, our thinking tells us otherwise. I can help find freedom from unwanted thoughts, behavior, and habits via insight rather than willpower.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Habits, Parenting, Children/Teens, Relationships, Work/Career, Grief