Julie Allgood - Change Coach Profile


Location: Los Angeles, CA USA


Hi Everyone! As a life long learner, I continue to expand my understanding of how our minds work and how that plays out in living a fulfilled and satisfied life. I recognize that each person has their own uniqueness to bring to the world, and I’d love to help you explore what blocks you from showing up and loving your life!

I bring to my coaching practice many years of study and learned experiences, including a degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in The Consciousness of Health and Healing. Overcoming a life long pattern of disordered eating has been one of my greatest challenges, and with the guidance and awarenesses I received through the LSBC and the shared wisdom of the community, food and eating has taken a natural place in my life.

What I love about coaching is that I have the opportunity to meet amazing people and to meet them right where they are. My intention is to provide a safe and inviting space for you as you uncover your inner resilience.

Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more jaallgood@gmail.com



Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Parenting, Children/Teens, Relationships, Work/Career