Karli Naglick - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://www.karlinaglick.com

Location: Metro Detroit Area, MI USA


My name is Karli Naglick, and I am excited and proud to be part of the Change Coach Community! I am also a mother to my son Jack, who is a classical pianist and composer, and I enjoy dark chocolate, sunny breezes, and engaging conversations. Many years ago, I was in therapy with a kind psychologist who would often say, “Easy as it goes.” I would love to help you find this kind of feeling in your life!


I have previously worked as a school psychologist in a large public school district in southeastern Michigan. Listening to people and helping them to feel safe and heard is a fundamental part of who I am as a coach and a person. I will be a calm and caring advocate who will help you to see that you are so much more than all the stories that your mind has created about you and all the painful thoughts that plague you and weigh you down. I know life can feel hard, especially when you are thinking about and evaluating yourself. But what if there can be more ease, peace, and freedom in all of our lives? It’s possible for sure, and I’m here to show you how to live life “Easy as it goes….”


Please reach out to me when it feels right and comfortable to you. I am here. I will respond and hopefully help you to embark on a freer, easier path. Let’s get curious and explore “Easy as it goes” together – I can’t wait to meet you!

Type of Coaching: Depression/Moods, Parenting, Children/Teens, Performing Arts Stress