Karly Ward - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://www.kwardcoaching.com/

Location: Lander, WY USA


Hi there! I’m Karly Ward, and I’m on a mission to help you break free from the grip of unwanted habits and thought patterns. With a background in education as both a public school teacher and principal, I’ve seen firsthand the power of genuine transformation and the challenges that come with it.


My passion lies in guiding individuals who are struggling with binge eating, food-related issues, work challenges, and anxiety towards a path of lasting change. Drawing from my experience in the education sector, I bring a unique blend of empathy and understanding around the impact of work-related stressors on one’s personal life and ability to connect to one’s innate health.


I believe that change is not just about breaking old habits but also about understanding the deeper roots of our behaviors. Through personalized coaching sessions, I’ll work with you to uncover the real you. The you that is there when the thinking and behavior is not.


My approach is all about seeing over doing so that change can happen naturally. Together, we’ll create a safe space where you can explore your challenges, confront your fears, and ultimately, thrive. I’m here to be your ally, your cheerleader, and your guide as you embark on this journey.

Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Work/Career