Kjersti Ane Østvik - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://www.ostvikcoaching.com

Location: Valestrandsfossen, Norway


Hi! My name is Kjersti Ane and I live on an island on the west coast of Norway with my husband and two children. I enjoy books, cats, walking, cooking, British comedy, and crime fiction.
I suffered from back pain, neck pain, anxiety, and headaches from my teenage years and I now know that physical pain and anxiety were my brain’s ways of protecting me from the perceived dangers of the world. The ongoing physical pain culminated in a debilitating pelvic pain condition in 2011 following the pregnancy and birth of my son. It kept getting worse as the years went by and I desperately tried every approach available. By 2016 I used a wheelchair, crutches, a mobility scooter, and even had a stairlift fitted in my house. I could barely move around from the pain, and life became extremely limited. I still have a diagnosis and physical limitations, but my relationship with pain has changed from one based on fear and stress to one based on curiosity and possibility. I experience much less pain in my daily life and have gradually increased physical activity as a result. Learning how the brain works with pain and how we all work from the inside out changed everything for me.
To know that we all have innate mental health and wellbeing underneath our thinking mind, is still mind-blowing to me.
I speak English and Norwegian, but I understand Swedish and Danish as well. With modern technology, we can connect on Zoom wherever you are in the world.
I would love to hear your story and explore what is possible for you! Please reach out to me at kjerstiane@ostvikcoaching.com

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Habits, Relationships , Physical Pain, Physical Symptoms