Kristina Bruce - Change Coach Profile


Location: Ontario, Canada


I know all too well the anxiety, insecurity, and stress that comes with feeling the need to control your diet, exercise, and body image in order to feel good enough and healthy. Although I was the “picture of health” according to others, I was miserable. I deeply feared weight gain and losing the admiration of others, but I knew I couldn’t live under this amount of fear and stress. Through my healing journey I let go of all “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and discovered that having the “perfect body” or “eating right” was not the answer to safety, health, or happiness – but rather that it all originated from within. Now with Inner Wisdom as my guide, I care for my body and myself in a much more loving way, and appreciate my body as it is (rather than how my mind says it “should” be!) If you in any way struggle with eating, exercise, body image, or anxiety in general, I’m happy to support you to experience more trust, peace, and health within your body and yourself.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Eating/Food Issues, Body Image