Lexie Bebbington - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://www.lexiebebbington.co.uk

Location: Bournemouth, England


If you are looking for someone to guide you towards your own inner transformational change, then please read on.

I’m a fully certified coach with over 15 years of experience, and working with me is kind of an educational process – but not in the traditional sense. The Latin root of the word “educate” means to “draw out what is already there” and this is what I specialize in. It is also what makes this style of coaching fun, gentle, impactful, and enjoyable – whilst simultaneously creating lasting change.

My clients say that the way I work opens them up to a whole new, more inviting way of being in the world. They say I help them transform the understanding of their own minds – and as a result, they notice they have shifts that ripple outwards and impact their lives in a real and lasting way.

One of my clients put it this way… She said, “Three months ago I was trapped in what felt like the center of a black, messy squiggle on a page with no way out. I don’t know how Lexie works her magic, but those squiggles quickly became smooth colorful lines or bundles that I found I could easily deal with and, weirdly enough, actually enjoy!”

I have spent the last 20 years studying and training in the field of human psychology and transformation, including an in-depth exploration of The Three Principles, Co-Active Coaching, The Work of Byron Katie, Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics, Quantum Entrainment and Clean Language Coaching.

I am also the author of the book “Everyday Inspiration” and co-creator and narrator of a free series of short, inspirational stories on Spotify entitled “The Chronicles of Paul and Pablo”.

I live on the South Coast of England with my husband and young son – where we are fortunate enough to enjoy days out on the beach, or fun explore-walks in the forest nearby … when weather permits! “

Type of Coaching: Relationships