Linda Hough - Change Coach Profile


Location: Palm Springs, CA USA


What if the peace and fulfillment you are searching for are already here, available to you right now? I didn’t believe it either. Pulling myself out of that downward spiral seemed impossible when it was happening. But I found a way, a way to freedom. As a Certified Change Coach through Dr Amy Johnson’s Little School of Big Change, I guide people to find their own way through the maze of the mind to their live their truest desires, improving mental health and well-being along the way.


As an artist and creator, I specialize in helping creatives overcome obstacles to creating, calm their inner critics and stop procrastinating. I believe we are all artists with a gift for creation whether that is painting, writing or living life. I’d love to support you end the stress, anxiety and unwanted habits that stop you from letting yourself shine, radically self-express and create the life of your dreams.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression/Moods