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Location: Fonthill, ON Canada


You CAN enjoy food again and get your life back!  

Hi, I’m Maria Brigantino and I’m a certified change coach and an anti-diet advocate. If you’re reading my profile, chances are you’ve been struggling with food or your weight, or you’re like me:  you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or have a body dysmorphia issue. 

I can definitely relate to this and am a survivor of anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating.  I’ve spent decades going through time, resources,  money, the therapy route—and just about every other option out there to get a handle on my relationship with food.  I was tired of hearing from therapists and doctors that I’d just have to learn how to “cope with or “manage” this.  And I want to tell you right now that that is absolutely untrue! 

In order to help you right now, I’ve created three videos that talk about your thinking and your habits and how to get your freedom—and life— back.  And it starts with throwing all the “food rules” you’ve learned out the window.  I’m going to show you that what you’re going through isn’t a disease or a disorder.  These things are habits.  How you got to this point where your eating may be out of control is through false information you were told by well-meaning therapists or even medical professionals. You DON’T have to stay stuck and you DON’T have to learn to manage it. You CAN achieve FREEDOM from these sometimes paralyzing thoughts and learn to enjoy food and eating again. I’m living proof and I can show you how!

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Type of Coaching: Struggles with Food, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia and Body Image

Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues