Monique Verrier - Change Coach Profile


Location: Bay Area, CA USA


In my life, there are a few experiences that have radically changed my life. The single one that I can point to without fail as having resulted in life altering, without a doubt, inside out fundamental change is my experience in coming to understand who I am through a very simple, solid, and fundamentally real understanding of life, humanity, and of our beautiful minds.

I’m a certified Change Coach through Dr. Amy Johnson’s Change Coach program, helping people overcome their limitations through an insightful filled exploration of life and experiences of what is true about the way change works. Please contact me if you would like to explore where experience comes from and to navigate life through no effort or willpower but from a place of peace and a deep understanding of the way life lives through us.

I specialize in food/eating issues, anxiety/stress, overwhelm, habits, relationships, health, and life purpose. I support many college-age students and those going through life transitions.

For those who have tried a million other ways to make life easier, I hear you and have been there myself. Take advantage of a free session to explore if this exploration might be what you are looking for to release yourself from some of the stress, pressure, worry, and limitations and to discover ways of finding your truth and a new beginning for change.



Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression/Moods, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Work/Career