Rebecca Furmanek - Change Coach Profile


Location: Longmont, CO USA


What if you are not defined by your struggle or habit? What if you do not need to be fixed?


Identifying with bulimia and binge eating disorder for almost 20 years, Rebecca understands the struggle with unwanted habits. The urges, the loneliness, the hopelessness, the overthinking, the trying to change, and everything else that comes with them. Experiencing a new awareness around how thought works, gaining freedom from intrusive thoughts, and seeing that we are more alike than we think has helped her experience freedom, joy, and peace in areas she never thought possible and lives a more present and richer life.


Rebecca is a certified Change Coach and former public school teacher with 13 years experience in secondary education. She provides a space for people to be themselves and enjoys witnessing people learn and grow through insights that can lead to significant changes.


Seeing something new from insight rather than doing something different might just change your habit, your thoughts, or your whole life.


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Type of Coaching: Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Deconstruction from religion