RJ Colovich - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://rjcolovich.com

Location: Reno,NV USA


I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather and have been a small business owner for a long time.
As with most everyone, I struggled with Stress, Anger, Negative Habits/Issues, Etc. that had haunted my everyday life for many, many years. I tried many of the usual approaches to make changes around these but nothing really stuck! I was introduced to Amy and this understanding in 2018 when I started to listen to what she was saying in her “Little Book of Big Change” and what other teachers of the”3″ Principles were also saying. It made so much sense and felt true. At this point, I really needed a reboot in my relationships and life and decided to enroll in the Little School of Big Change and then the Coach Training Program. This unlocked so many of my misunderstandings of how life really works and how lasting change is possible!!
I work with Negative Sexual Habits/Issues/Denials based on my experiences with this.
I also work with Anxiety, Anger, Money, and Relationships issues, and any of Life’s Negative Habits and problems that can keep you from living a joyful and peaceful Life!
I have Experienced Huge Changes in my life and You Can Too!!
I would love to help you achieve Less Stress, Anxiety, Painful/Uncomfortable Feelings. I would be honored to help guide you to More Loving Connections, Peace, and Joy into your everyday life!
Please contact me for a Complimentary Session. I can make most time zones work.
email, call or text 775 771-9206

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Work/Career