Ryann Mallonee - Change Coach Profile


Location: Kansas City, MO USA


Hi, I’m Ryann. I have had the privilege of working with individuals as a licensed mental health therapist for nearly two decades. Clients have come to me for help with depression, anxiety, habits, addictions, insecurities, grief and more, sharing their human-ness with me.  While each person’s story varies, there is a familiarity of suffering that is true for all of us, myself included.  I personally ran across Amy’s perspective and it changed how I saw things. I saw a glimpse of my innate health and worth even amidst the anxiety and suffering I experienced. As I continued to explore this, anxiety medicine was no longer needed and my sense of self felt much more secure. I found so much freedom.  I became a Change Coach so that I could help people to see what I had come to see, that which we have been overlooking along, that we are all so much more than enough.  We are okay. You are okay.


If you are suffering and are hoping to find some peace, I would be honored to explore life with you in this way. It has been so exciting to see my clients benefit so much from this approach.  Let’s create a space for this peace in your life as well.  Please reach out.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Habits, Insecurities, Grief