Stephanie Kazdan - Change Coach Profile


Location: Toronto, Canada


For decades, believing that I needed to manage, evaluate, alter, accept and improve my thoughts meant experiencing a life of utter exhaustion and endless self-criticism. I coped with this vicious circle by mastering various habits of over-doing: the virtuous ways of perfectionism and striving plus the concerning patterns of shopping sprees, wine parties and food control. Nothing worked for long and over the years the thoughts became very personal. Regardless of how hard I tried I was always suffering. Always anxious.


When I first heard Amy Johnson suggest that nothing was wrong with me, I plunged into the vastness of what we all are: Life. This began an intuitive exploration into how change really works. When I am freed from the entanglement of thought, I have the energy and compassion to explore what Life has available. Feelings are welcomed.


As a Change Coach, I offer a space of open-hearted listening, curiosity and respect for tender emotions. I hold a deep trust in what is possible for my clients. There is nothing wrong with you. You are Life too. Let’s have a conversation.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Habits, Relationships