Suzanne Muir - Change Coach Profile


Location: Sandpoint, ID USA


For more than five decades, I battled counterproductive habits and wallowed in victimhood. Then, I began to glimpse that there were forces at work in the world much larger and more powerful than my intellect and that it was possible to live in alignment with them, rather than fight them. But how? All spiritual teachings point in the general direction of the possibility of freedom, but a key piece was missing. It was not until the Little School of Big Change that I began to really understand the role that thought plays in creating our experience of life…minute to minute, and that there is always fresh thought available in unlimited supply. There was no longer a reason or necessity to be stuck in the hamster wheel of my mind. This was too big to keep to myself! The only thing that made sense was to extend my hand to help others step out of the tornado of their own thinking.
If you are curious to explore freedom from habits, anxiety, or rocky relationships, or you just want to experience full creative expression without fear of failure and have more fun every day, I would be delighted to have a chat with you.

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Depression/Moods, Habits, Relationships, Creative Expression