William Hutcherson, PhD. - Change Coach Profile


Location: Gold River, CA USA


I retired about 10 years ago after having had an active psychotherapy practice for over 45 years. Like most of my colleagues, I used the current paradigm for dealing with mental illness and benefitted from the many different psychological approaches and theories that were popular at the time.

I came across Sydney Banks in 1983 and although I was really moved by his teachings it was not until the last 10 years that I saw the transformative power that comes from truly understanding the nature of the 3 Principles.

I now can see how change can effortlessly happen on a much deeper level when we discover that our mental health and peace of mind has always been available within.

I love helping people understand that it is our “thinking” that is causing the “thoughts” that have created our insecurity and stress. Realizing there is happiness and peace of mind in each one of us is like “Coming Home” to who we really are.

While the “past” has resulted in us being in our present circumstances, it is the current thinking and understanding that keeps us from having the freedom and peace of mind we rightfully deserve today.

If you’d like some support in dealing with your current situation you can reach me at

(916) 956-1933


Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression/Moods, Habits, Relationships