Covid Class Bundle

It’s easy to worry your way through these uncertain days, or numb your way through, with unhealthy habits or binge-watching the news.

Although your outside freedoms may be limited, your internal freedoms never are. In these two, 60-minute classes, you’ll see how to view anxiety, habits, and decision making in this uncertain time. You can find greater peace of mind than ever, even now.

In these two classes, I share:
How isolation, change, and uncertainty are not painful states or problems in and of themselves. It’s how our mind is designed to talk about them that has us struggling.

How to see health & financial anxiety in a brand new way.

How habits and unhealthy coping mechanisms are actually your innate health and resiliency coming to the surface, and how to tap into health and resilience in other ways so that habits no longer feel like a way to cope.


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What People are Saying About The Little Book of Big Change

Michael Neill

“The principles Dr. Amy Johnson shares in this book straddle science and spirituality and are revolutionizing how people approach behavioral change and the way they live their lives. If you’re ready to change your habits for good, read this book!”

– Michael Neill, bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and host of Supercoach Radio

Mara Gleason

“This book completely overturns current ideas about addiction, the people who suffer with them, and the human ability for change.  Amy not only provides hope and a simple solution for eliminating addictive behaviors, she offers a profoundly hopeful look at the ability we ALL have to feel more at peace in life.”

– Mara Gleason, MSW, Co-founder of One Thought, a leading global company that helps individuals and businesses unleash their greatest potential through clear thinking.

Erika Bugbee

“The clarity, wisdom, and practicality of this book are simply extraordinary and unmatched in the field of addiction, making it the absolute number one read for anyone struggling with or treating destructive habits. A powerful and radiant light that brings instant relief, hope, and peace of mind.”

– Erika Bugbee, MA, partner and cofounder of the Online Learning Division at Pransky & Associates


Free Membership

Free Membership

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Little School Big Change

The Little School of Big Change

The Little School of Big Change is a guided, 6-week program designed to help you overcome anxiety and unwanted habits without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline. If you are ready to finally break the cycle of short-term change that never sticks, The Little School of Big Change is the place for you.

Coach Training

Change Coach Program

My exclusive Change Coach Training Program gives you the foundation and skills needed to help others using the no-willpower approach shared in my books and in The Little School of Big Change.

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