Food FREEDOM Formula™


With Maria Brigantino, Certified Change Coach

Food FREEDOM Formula

In this digital course, you will be guided and coached through the major obstacles and “thought blocks” that keep you stuck in the restrict/binge/shame/guilt cycle that has become your struggle.

Certified Change Coach Maria Brigantino supports you through each common hurdle to see yourself and your experience in a new way. After coaching over 150 clients on this topic, Coach Maria has identified the common mind-created rules that keep you stuck. Together we will challenge your thinking to see these habits as a new opportunity.

Imagine enjoying life again. In this course, you will be guided toward FREEDOM, peace of mind, and clarity.

The Food FREEDOM Formula™ is a revolutionary counterintuitive approach. You no longer need to work hard at doing things that simply don’t work.

In this program, you will learn to work less.

I’ll give you clarity into what’s REALLY going on with your struggles and help you shift your perspective around it.

You can say bye-bye to the restrict/binge/shame/guilt cycle!

This program is different from anything else you have tried because you DON’T need willpower or discipline to gain FREEDOM, and I’ll be with you in the course every step of the way!

You get over 7 hours of video content broken down into 38 bite-sized training lessons and downloadable worksheets to guide you along your Food FREEDOM Journey.

Learn FREEDOM Formula

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In the Food FREEDOM Formula™,
You’ll See More About:

How to master your perspective, so you can enjoy food and social events again.

How to break free of the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in your struggles with food, body image, and weight.

How your thinking is standing in your way of reaching your ideal weight naturally.

How to finally break FREE from your struggles with food and having to continually practice self-control, follow “food rules,” or diets and deprive yourself.

And much, much more

The Food FREEDOM Formula™
Is Perfect for You If:

You focus on “food rules,” dieting, and hyper-control only to see that your habit isn’t changing.

Have experienced that willpower, discipline, and rules simply don’t work and you want a solution that will NOT have you restrict yourself with diets or vigorous exercise routines.

You’ve read every diet and exercise book, participated in the latest weight-loss, meditation, and yoga craze, cut out every food group at some point, avoided drinking alcohol, avoided social parties, paid the fitness coaches and the alternative medicine practitioners, and tried traditional therapy but nothing has worked…

You would like to be guided at your own pace and have access to resources that will dispel all the reasons why your mind says this won’t work for you. Coach Maria has considered what works for people, like you, and provided you with what you need to get your life back.

A Sneak Peek Inside the
Food FREEDOM Formula™ Course:

MODULE 1 - Onboarding, Introduction and Setting the StageMODULE 1 – Onboarding, Introduction and Setting the Stage

  • Get to know each other and set the foundation for your success
  • The reason dieting keeps you stuck and unable to achieve your food and body goals
  • Uncovering self-compassion and grace (two tools that are mandatory for success)
  • Recovery is not the key to FREEDOM and living the life you want
  • 9 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

Understanding the universal mind, consciousness, and thought to break your eating disorderMODULE 2 – Your Experience and the Three Beliefs (The New Paradigm)

  • Understanding the universal mind, consciousness, and thought to break your eating disorder
  • Separating yourself from your struggles, and learning that it is a habit you can be happy through
  • How to use your habit as a solution
  • Mastering your body’s innate wisdom so you can sustainably listen to your body for years to come, not only while you’re in the course
  • 4 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

MODULE 3 - Your Fears are a Shadow of Your ThinkingMODULE 3 – Your Fears are a Shadow of Your Thinking

  • Change from being an observer to being the main character who’s confident and in control through manifesting your reality via perspective
  • Digging into the scale, binge-triggers, “failure,” shame, guilt and perfectionism so you can fully understand what you do, why and how to avoid these pains
  • The reasons why social gatherings (parties, family, holidays, eating out) are hard and how to make them fun and easy
  • 9 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

MODULE 4 - You Are Not What You EatMODULE 4 – You Are Not What You Eat

  • Healthy Food vs. Bad Food (and how you can treat food as food)
  • Reconnecting to your body’s innate ability to eat happily so you can enjoy food again
  • Rediscover your food preferences and love food again (without sacrificing your body, your goals, your stress, or your mental health)
  • Master intuitive eating so you can celebrate your own personal food choices for as long as you live
  • 7 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

MODULE 5 - Discovering Who I Am Really...MODULE 5 – Discovering Who I Am Really…

  • The ultra common reasons people “forget” who they are and a deep dive on personal preferences, choices, health, and goals
  • Reaching in vs. Reaching out, and how both can affect your food and life
  • A perspective that gives you FREEDOM and fluidity in all your food choices
  • How to be resilient and confident in your body and health, based on your unique body and situation
  • 6 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

MODULE 6 - Continuing Your Curiosity, Wrap Up and Next StepsMODULE 6 – Continuing Your Curiosity, Wrap Up and Next Steps

  • How to chose fun and joy while still listening and trusting your body (without sacrificing your results)
  • How to love your body again through that experience
  • Relishing every moment and opportunity as renewal, not regret
  • Banish struggling and recognize the habitual mind for permanent Food FREEDOM
  • Key reminders and where your next steps should be directed
  • 4 video lessons and accompanying worksheets

MODULE 7 - Program CloseoutMODULE 7 – Program Closeout

  • Now what? Consider these action steps.
  • 1 video lesson and accompanying worksheet
Maria Brigantino

About Maria Brigantino

I am a reformed binge eater, yo-yo dieter, all-or-nothing, good girl!

If you’re here, chances are you’ve been struggling with food or your weight, or you’re like me: you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or have a body dysmorphia issue.

I can definitely relate to this and am a survivor of anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating. I’ve spent decades going through time, resources, money, the therapy route—and just about every other option out there to get a handle on my relationship with food.

I was tired of hearing from therapists and doctors that I’d just have to learn how to “cope with” or “manage” this. And I want to tell you right now that that is absolutely untrue!

I am a survivor, and a Certified Change Coach. I’ve helped hundreds of women see the truth of their experience and the secret to gaining FREEDOM.


What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

I’m not a licensed medical health professional or therapist. This means I don’t have the specialized training nor am I qualified to make a medical diagnosis, provide medical treatment, or give psychological advice. As a Certified Change Coach, my role is to support, motivate, and inspire you on your journey toward Food FREEDOM. My approach is guided by my personal experiences and my training as a coach to over 150+ clients. It’s important to note that coaching is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, psychotherapy, or other health and nutritional advice.

Who is this course for?

If you’re living with an eating disorder and you’re willing to let go of dieting, meal plans, rules, and restrictions to explore an intuitive approach to making peace with food and your body, this is for you. This course is for anyone who struggles with food, body image, or obsessive thinking about weight.
Whether you’re currently working with medical professionals and want supplementary support or you’ve already tried all the forms of therapy and they didn’t work, so now you’re looking for an alternative approach – coaching may be a good fit for you.

Who is this course NOT for?

If you’re looking for a quick fix, nutritional advice, a meal plan, or a checklist to follow, you won’t find that here. While I’m here to provide step-by-step guidance, this approach isn’t about giving you new rules to follow or in-depth workbooks and homework assignments. You will receive guidance and helpful questions to provide a new perspective. The goal is to create less noise in your head, not more.

How long does the Food FREEDOM Formula course take?

The Food FREEDOM Formula course helps you achieve success from anywhere in your journey. There are over 7 hours of video content organized into 38 mini-lessons in this course but it is self-study, meaning you can work through it at your own pace. There is no definitive timeframe used to measure success. As long as you continue to look in this direction you’ll gain FREEDOM. Everyone’s journey will be slightly different.

I’m thinking about a couple of alternatives… What makes this course different?

The Food FREEDOM Formula course is different due to our unique approach: Focusing on the 3 core pillars – mind, consciousness, and thought – to break destructive habits and negative cycles of our misunderstanding of life. Most programs insist you have more discipline & rules to break your struggles with food, but not this one. This course will help you find peace with food, live unfettered by rules and restrictions, and give you a place to feel whole and worthy just as you are.

How do you know this program will work for me? I’ve tried so many things before...

I know this program will work for you because we uncover what’s already working perfectly for you now. You are not broken and during this course, I will show you that this is true. FREEDOM lies in seeing and experiencing this truth for yourself.